7 Foods That Will Make Your Brain Stronger

Food is a glorious thing. It gives us energy, fuels our bodies, and comforts us during stressful situations (I'm looking at you, Chipotle). But can food really improve your memory? Can it sharpen our minds? Well, the answer is yes, more or less. I know, I know; what is this sorcery, right? Research has shown that certain foods have nutrients that can strengthen our memory or ability to focus. It's all pretty cool. Unfortunately, no, Starbucks is not really on this list — although, it's true that caffeine does have its benefits.

Whether you love fish, fruit, nuts, or spices, it's likely that there's a food out there that can boost your brain in some way. However, depending on how much of these you already have in your diet, you might not notice a drastic difference — it's sort of on a case by case basis. You know, like when you drink seven gallons of water one day and you suddenly feel like Gwenyth Paltrow, but you're not sure if you actually feel that way or you're just proud of yourself for trying in the first place. That kind of deal. Still, these snacks are all quite good for you regardless, so if you need one more trick to get yourself to actually eat that healthy food just think, "Hey, this is probably making me smarter."

1. Blueberries

According to many experts, blueberries help protect the brain from stress, and can even reduce the effects of diseases like Alzheimers. In an experiment with rats, the animals that were fed a blueberry-rich diet preformed better in tests that addressed memory than the rats that didn't have blueberries in their diet. Granted, we are not rats. But you know, same idea.

2. Fish

The oily kind, to be exact, like salmon, trout, and sardines. While oily fish actually sounds kind of gross, they contain essential fatty acids that are SO healthy for you and your brain. Like blueberries, the nutrients in these type of fish can help your brain fight memory loss diseases.

3. Spinach

Remember the rat experiment? A similar experiment using spinach was conducted and, surprise! Similar results were found. Spinach can help keep your brain alert and defend itself against aging. All good news, right? Try throwing a handful or two in your smoothie tomorrow morning for an easy boost.

4. Avocado

Everyone knows that avocados are healthy fat that taste AMAZING with tortilla chips, but did you know they ALSO are good for your brain? According to recent neuroscience studies, avocado can help improve concentration, among other brain functions.

5. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are full of omega-3 and omega-6 polysaturated fats that our bodies (and especially brains) need to function at their optimum levels.

6. Tea

So maybe Starbucks CAN be part of your brain-boosting diet (they have tea too, guys). According to studies, tea can benefit both the parts of your brain that stimulate relaxation and the caffeine can help with focus and concentration. The benefits are endless no matter what your favorite brew is.

7. Oysters

OK, yes, oysters are allegedly an aphrodisiac. We all know that. What you might not know, though, is that oysters can help your brain too. Oysters also have those super helpful omega-3 fatty acids that your brain needs. And, yeah, there's that whole sexy factor too. So have at it.

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