Don't Watch This 'Poltergeist' Trailer In The Dark

Think of the scariest horror movies you've ever seen, and then imagine the scariest moments from each of those films coming together to create one movie that combines everything you're terrified of: You'll basically have the new Poltergeist film, if this trailer is any indication. Judging by this clip, the result is a horrifying smorgasbord of scary movie fixtures that includes evil clowns, haunted electronics, and possessed children.

Based on the 1982 horror classic produced by Steven Spielberg, the new Poltergeist reportedly stays faithful to the original version, only this time, everything's bigger, bloodier, and scarier, io9 points out. In the updated film, Sam Rockwell and Rosemary DeWitt star as two desperate parents who employ Jared Harris' ghost-hunting character to help save their young daughter from being possessed by an evil spirit.

Unlike the original, according to Cinema Blend, Rockwell reportedly said the Poltergeist remake "will focus on the 10-year-old boy," of the family, and added the new version is more of a "kids' movie." If the new trailer is the be believed, though, the cute kids played by Saxson Sharbino and Kyle Catlette don't make the movie any less scary — if anything, as any horror movie ever can prove, little kids just make the everything creepier.

The new Poltergeist trailer shows the same movie that made you scared of sitting too close to the TV as a kid, but much, much more unsettling. Here are the most terrifying moments from the latest Poltergeist trailer:

When this little boy finds his sister staring at a staticky TV:

Don't go downstairs. Never go downstairs!

When the ground starts slowly cracking:


This creepy ghost hand trapped in the TV:

Why are you going towards the ghost hand? Run away!

All these other creepy ghost hands trapped in the TV:

"Yes, I'd like a full refund for this flat screen TV. It's full of disembodied ghost hands and I need to catch up on Game of Thrones."

This terrifying death closet:

Closets aren't supposed to open by themselves.

When this ghost hunter gets involved:

When the ghost hunter/priest/exorcist shows up, you know something's about to go down.

Whatever is happening here:

Ew. No.

This possessed little girl:

Right before she says... wait for it... "help me." NOPE.

This evil clown:


Poltergeist arrives in theaters May 22. Check the new trailer below (just make sure you're in a brightly-lit room when you do):

Images: 20th Century Fox/YouTube