'House Of Cards' Season 4 Is Officially Happening On Netflix & Here's What It Needs To Include

Get ready folks: Frank Underwood will be back again. According to Buzzfeed, Netflix has renewed House of Cards for Season 4 — but, let's be real, it's not like there was ever any doubt that they wouldn't. The new season has no official premiere date aside from being back sometime in 2016, but if previous seasons has shown us anything, we'll probably be revisited by Frank, Claire, Jackie and the rest of the twisted government officials of the series in February of next year.

When we last left the Underwoods, Frank's staff, and his rivals, Claire told Frank she was leaving him, Doug killed Rachel, Remy and Jackie shared an intimate moment together among other big moments. In other words, a lot happened. So — what's next?

The show is really at a crossroads, and they could take any direction — which, as a fan, is a super exciting thought. What I hope the series does is make Frank sweat more and more over the coming presidential election, especially since Jackie dropped out and endorsed Dunbar over him. Additionally, I genuinely hope to see more backstories and history for a lot of the characters, because there is still so much mystery left to be discovered.

Here are some of the main things that need to be addressed in House Of Cards Season 4:

1. The Aftermath Of Claire & Frank Splitting Up

Will Claire go through with divorcing Frank for real? Honestly, Claire is one of the best things in Frank's life at the moment, so it would be really bad for Frank if she did leave. Who knows how far down the polls he would slide without her — and who knows what Dunbar would do with that information.

2. Doug Getting Caught For Killing Rachel

This needs to happen. Doug — like Frank — deserves to be punished for the things he's done, aka killing Rachel. It seems more likely that Doug will go down for killing Rachel before anyone figures out for sure that Frank killed Zoe, so the show should definitely include that.

3. Heather Dunbar, 2016!

As much as I don't like how Dunbar tried to go after Claire during her ambassadorship and during the election so far, I still want this to happen. Please?

4. Frank's Downward Spiral

I really think it's about to see Frank really squirm and hit some low points in his career. Dunbar is a highly formidable opponent, and it would be incredible to see a woman win the presidency. Also, it's possible that the Zoe murder storyline could come back in a big way in Season 4 — so, maybe Gavin would be willing to step away from the dark side and help actually uncover some of Frank's many horrible actions?

5. Remy & Jackie Reunite

They had quite the tense, sexual moment in Season 3, but that's all we got since Jackie is currently married. But honestly, Remy and Jackie deserve to be together and Season 4 really needs to make this happen. Plus, with the two on the same side against Frank, things could really start going downhill for the sitting president.

6. More Hints About Frank Underwood's Sexuality

We got a glimpse of Frank's sexual history in Season 1 and Season 3 from his old classmate Tim, and we know there have been intimacy issues in the Underwood marriage as well. Plus, there's that threesome with Meechum. Could we get even more hints into Frank's sexual past?

7. The Return of Cashew

Bring back Cashew! I know Gavin probably doesn't have her anymore, but I miss her almost as much as I miss Sir Pounce on Game of Thrones . Cashew 2016!

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