John & Chrissy Are Too Cute For Words

by Keertana Sastry

This couple is so cute and such jokesters that it literally makes me sick. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, continued their reign as one of the most adorable celebrity couples around on Spike's new series Lip Synch Battle, as Legend competed against friend, fellow Oscar winner and "Glory" co-creator Common for the coveted Lip Synch Battle trophy belt. And while John Legend unfortunately went home empty-handed, he had the opportunity to really surprise his wife with his performance, to the point where she spent most of the episode poking fun at him and being totally weirded out by his song choices and dancing among other things. At times Legend and Teigen were joked a bit too much with each other but honestly, is there anything more precious than a couple who doesn't take everything about each other too seriously?

When Legend first walked on the stage the couple shared some flying kisses which first began the adorableness. But immediately after came the jokes. LL Cool J told Legend "We asked Chrissy if she wanted her favorite singer to go first," and while Legend looked smug at first, Teigen immediately shouted "Common!" The fake hurt look Legend shot Chrissy before laughing was again too cute for words. After Common's first performance of Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," LL Cool J asked Legend for his response and he was as gracious as ever. To this Teigen responded, "He's too nice, I try to get him to fight and he won't do it! Say something mean John!" This began Teigen's over-sharing of their marriage throughout the episode.

Teigen was clearly uncomfortable watching Legend perform his first song, Juvenile's "Slow Motion," which included some gyrating and a lot of slow-motion butt slapping. In my opinion it was absolutely perfect considering the song and also downright hilarious, but Teigen stated this opinion: "WTF was that? Common comes out sweet as pie, adorable... And John, he is slapping ass in slow motion... I'm so disturbed by John right now. That was so weird. I'm so sorry, you pay my bills, I'm so sorry."

Adding that she knew Legend paid her bills was a bit too much information that probably didn't need to be explained or joked about but again, if she can poke fun about it and since we all know she works quite a bit herself, than who am I to judge?

After Legend's second performance of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This," Teigen again was more confused and weirded out by her husband and joked with a bit too much information once again by stating: "I'm like, how crazy is this prenup? I'm like looking for other husbands right now."

LL Cool J was quite surprised by this reaction and the audience audibly gasped and laughed at the comment. And thankfully Legend took it with a laugh as well, stating "I still love you." Teigen then responded by saying "John I'm sorry I'm so hard on you." The couple kissed and "made up" at the end so all is well in the Legend/Teigen household, and now we get yet another adorable glimpse into their adorable lives.

Images: Getty Images; Spike; Giphy