19 Peggy & Joan Outfits From 'Mad Men' That Prove These Ladies Have Got It Going On

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When we're looking for '60s fashion inspiration, does it get any better than Mad Men? Not only does the show have some of the best TV writing in town, paired with the best acting in town, it's also got the best clothes in town (especially where fan-favorites Peggy Olson and Joan Holloway are concerned).

Season 7B premieres Sunday, April 7 and there's a lot more that Mad Men needs to address before leaving our screens for good — it's going to be tough to say goodbye to all the good folks (and not so good folks — love ya, Angry Pete) over at Sterling Cooper and Partners.

Sad as it's going to be to bid the show farewell, we might as well celebrate the premiere while we still can — and what better way to celebrate Mad Men than looking at clothes? Especially when we're dealing with the wardrobes of the series' two powerhouse ladies, Joan & Peggy?

Image: Frank Okenfels 3/AMC

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