Alberto VO5 Wants A Walk Of Fame Star... Really

Alberto VO5, the hair brand, is turning 60! Happy bday, baby! But the brand isn't celebrating with standard, been-there-done-that fare, such as re-introducing vintage product packaging. Alberto VO5 wants a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame and is campaigning hard to get it.

The Walk of Fame has traditionally been reserved for, you know, celebs, actors, and famous people, not famous brands. That's not stopping the powers-that-be at Alberto VO5 from pursuing it.

On April 6, which is this coming Monday, Alberto VO5 is launching a petition via Facebook to get a star. The petition is active through fall. At that time, the brand will formally present its case to managers of the WoF. That's being proactive and speaking to a millennial audience, for sure.

I always loved the brand's hot oil treatments. You dropped the tube in a glass of piping hot water to activate it before applying, and it always gave my hair such a moisture and shine boost. I am totally not opposed to the brand getting the coveted star.

I have no idea if it will actually work and at this point, I am thinking that it probably won't, since those who manage the Walk of Fame likely won't want to set a precedent such as this, opening up the walk to too many potential non-human inductees... unless there is some sort of temporary star or something clever like that.

Here are the three main reasons that Alberto VO5 deserves recognition on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Move over, celebs!

1. Don't Forget Your Roots

I don't mean the roots of your follicles on your head. I meant the roots of a brand that has been entrenched in Hollywood for years. "We thought it would be a great way to teach a whole new generation about V05 and its Hollywood roots," Nina Riley, who does marketing for the brand, told WWD.

2. Millions Sold

Many of the Walk of Fame stars sell millions in movie tickets, among other things. But did you know that VO5 still moves 90 million bottles of shampoo and conditioner annually? It's a saturated market and the brand still shifts units!

3. Old Hollywood Glam Starlets Loved Alberto VO5

The Golden Age Hollywood starlets, many of which are immortalized on the walk, were fans of the brand and used its products for their restorative powers. According to WWD, the brutal lights that were used in the '50s were murder on celeb hair, requiring a deep, rich conditioner to nurture and restore it. Alberto VO5's namesake stylist created the product that eventually became Alberto VO5. So he has some pretty entrenched history with Hollywood and was a part of the machine, albeit not in front of the camera, so why the heck not? He may not have been acting, but he was making the actress' tresses, or act"tresses," beautiful. So.

Oh, and on an unrelated note. VO5's new Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil for hair and skin is going to be my summer go-to product. Packed with argan and shea oils, I will be spritzing this on my skin and hair to keep it moist and glowing during dry, miserable heat spells when my skin is parched.

Images: Giphy (3); VO5 Haircare (1)