Casting The 'Adventure Time' Characters As Real People — Jake Would Totally Be Sam Rockwell

It's hard to believe that just five years ago, the weirdest, funniest and somehow also creepiest show on Cartoon Network began its run. Adventure Time turns five years old and it's astounding the series has already lasted so long. Not because it's bad (trust me, I'm a fan) but because it's just so bonkers. How is it that so many kids (but also probably mostly adults) continue to watch this series so regularly? Well, probably because it's one of the most original and inventive shows around, animated or live-action. The series works so well because the animation allows it to do anything, but what would happen if Adventure Time was remade as live-action series or movie? And who would star in it?

Well for starters, there's already been a fake live-action remake of sorts of Adventure Time. The YouTube video makers GrittyReboots created an Adventure Time live-action trailer and despite realizing that there probably isn't a need for an Adventure Time live-action reboot, especially a grittier one, it was still kind of awesome. Considering how quickly Disney is trying to remake all of their old animated classics into live-action remakes — they just did it with Cinderella and now they have Mulan, Dumbo, and Winnie the Pooh in the works among others — it seems almost inevitable that a live-action Adventure Time will at the very least be considered by some studio somewhere. In case it ever actually happens, how about these actors and actresses take on the iconic characters?

Finn, The Human

Slacktory on YouTube

Finn is a difficult character to cast considering his body shape. But if you put that aside and just go with voice and character as a whole, the British actor Craig Roberts could be a decent fit if he plays up the humor from his normal dry wit to a more larger-than-life style comedy, which he could totally do. If not, Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien has the comedy chops for it. And if diversity is no issues, there's also the option of Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez who could totally get the voice down, even if he might be different body-wise for the part. Or if we really don't mind changing things up, what about an actress in the part? Someone like Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams? It's never wrong to think outside the box.

Jake, The Dog

Rayhato on YouTube

Hands down for a role that's this hilarious and strange, I can really only think of one actor: Sam Rockwell. Sure the voice isn't a perfect match but come on, can't we all just imagine Rockwell in the part? I just feel like it's perfect guys!

Marceline, The Vamprie Queen

Tubeman244 on YouTube

But what's even more perfect than Rockwell as Jake? Casting Krysten Ritter as Marceline, the vampire queen.

Princess Bubblegum

cinderelliex on YouTube

Princess Bubblegum needs to be someone sweet and fair, yet ruthless and angry when necessary. Anna Kendrick just springs to mind, especially when you consider the voice and the fact that Kendrick is basically perfect in everything.

The Ice King

Patrick on YouTube

I thought long and hard about this casting. I originally thought that the Ice King had to be someone who was very obviously a comedian but the more I dwelled on it, the more I thought it would be interesting to bring in someone who could play the perfect villain but could also be endearing enough to be a misunderstood weirdo like the Ice King. And then it came to me: Willem Dafoe.

The Flame Princess

Venture renewit on YouTube

Sweet and calm on the one hand, hot-headed and passionate on the other? Who else would play the Flame Princess than Alison Brie, especially considering her turn as Unikitty in The Lego Movie. Plus, could you even imagine how cool it would be to see her interact with Kendrick's Bubblegum?

Lady Raincorn

NoClippeRProductions on YouTube

Arden Cho would be a great choice for Jake's girlfriend/Princess Bubblegum's loyal friend who only speaks Korean, especially since the Teen Wolf actress is Korean herself.

Lumpy Space Princess

anotherpapercup on YouTube

No one could do this part justice as well as Nick Kroll. Don't believe me? Watch his many, many hilarious characters on The Kroll Show.


Michael Becker on YouTube

This one was a bit tough to really nail down but for the perfect sidekick to Finn and Jake, Fresh Off The Boat's Constance Wu could totally nail the innocence and oddness of BMO.

The Lich King

billysponGemonKey on YouTube

This voice is totally frightening and intimidating. Why not allow the man who actually voices the part to play the part? Ron Pearlman would be perfect in the live-action version of the role. But if we really want to switch things up, Laurence Fishburne could also take on the role.

Earl of Lemongrab

Samuel Gibbard on YouTube

Charlie Day. No one else. Just Charlie Day.

Images: Cartoon Network (Screenshot)