You've Never Seen "Shake It Off" Like This Before

If you started the day like I did, not really thinking you had a crush on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you're about to have a very rude awakening, as soon as you watch video from The Rock's appearance on Lip Sync Battle last night. It's a new game show on Spike TV that spun off from an activity that Jimmy Fallon has a lot of his guests do on The Tonight Show, and last night was its first episode.

The commercials for it looked fun, but to be honest, I wasn't expecting to be that into it, but oh my god was I wrong. First of all, The Rock picked a Taylor Swift song, which is an easy-peasy way to get me to fall in love with you immediately, and second of all, it was "Shake It Off," which takes me the rest of the way there. A big bulky bald guy from an action franchise singing a bouncy pop song written by a blue-eyed blonde to challenge her haters? Where do I sign?

And then came the best part. The moment that The Rock turned over his shoulder to mouth the opening lyrics, it became extremely obvious that he was taking this THE MOST seriously. He didn't choose the song to laugh at it or comment on it while giving a half-assed performance. Just two seconds in, it's clear that he chose it because he genuinely loves the song and knows it backward and forward. And I gotta say... that is effing delightful. Everything from the way he wiggles his shoulders to the balls-out way he comes in on the spoken bridge with that "hey hey hey"? I'm in love. He's just so earnest and so clearly having a ball, and honestly you just have to watch it for yourself because it's magic.

Honestly LL Cool J? All you gotta do is have this dude on every week, and I'll be your biggest fan.