'Shahs of Sunset' Is Back With a Ridiculous Music Video About Being Persian

As a Persian woman originally from Los Angeles, I feel the need to sincerely apologize for this video. I had no involvement in its creation, but still — I'm sorry. That said: In one of the first promos for the upcoming season, Bravo's Shahs of Sunset filmed a music video to tell us all about what it means to be Persian. Thanks, guys!

So, what does it mean to be Persian? Well, let's see: There's a lot of gold. Golden gloves, golden couches, golden LION MASKS. Seriously, look at that picture up there — it looks like the cover of some romance novel you'd find in a grocery store that gets WEIRD around chapter 14. Also: You absolutely cannot call Los Angeles anything other than Tehrangeles, because otherwise, people will forget that LA has had the highest concentration of Iranian people since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Additionally, according to the song, everyone should look at them because they're VIP ("VIP, bitch").

Seriously though, I have never seen so many decadent stereotypes about Persian people in one place since...well, last season of Shahs. I guess they're sticking to what works.

You can check out the music video, aptly titled "Like a Persian," below. Season three of Shahs is set to premiere on Nov. 5, on Bravo.

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