Stop Working and Play This Now

Tired of working? Wishing you didn't have to work on that mind-numbing report for your boss? Hoping you could be anywhere (anywhere) but the office? Well, you're in luck, because you can travel straight into the Mushroom Kingdom instead! That's right: Someone actually made an HTML5 remake of Super Mario Brothers, and you're pretty much going to spend the entire rest of your day playing it.

Because it's all there folks! Every single level of the game you spent hours playing on your Game Boy, from the bright, candy-colored world of Mario and Luigi to the Mushroom Kingdom's dark underground. (Bonus points go to the creator, who allows users to create their own levels via the level editor, so let that Super Mario Brothers fan fiction you wrote in junior high inspire you!) And, because it now comes courtesy of your computer, your victory cry upon beating Bowser can be easily confused for your rallying cry upon completing your overdue reports.

So, sit back, enjoy Mario and Princess Toadstool, and take yourself back to a time when Super Mario Brothers was as essential to your existence as gelly roll pens, pogs, and a brand-new pair of Doc Martens. Just beware of those Piranha Plants, which are as lethal as jellies.