Who Killed Tom On 'Secrets And Lies'? The Original Australian Series May Hold Some Clues

Are we any closer to figuring out the identity of Tom's killer on Secrets and Lies ? Honestly, I have no idea. The series is based on an Australian show of the same name which featured six episodes and a whammy of a surprise twist in the identity of the killer. But will the American remake have the killer be the same as Australian Secrets and Lies' big bad? So far they've strayed quite a bit from the original story, but anything is possible on the show and we're still quite a ways from knowing who could be responsible for Tom's death. One thing we can be sure about I believe is that Ryan Phillippe's Ben did not kill Tom, now that we not only know Ben was Tom's actual father but also he's been receiving death threats and it looks like someone is trying to frame him for Tom's death. So who could it be? And are there any Tom's killer clues from the original Secrets and Lies that could help us figure it all out?

For those who have yet to see the original Australian version of the show and actually want to do so, stop reading now. This is your official spoiler alert.

Alright friends, are the others gone? Good. Tom's killer in the original series is actually Ben's younger daughter Eva (whose name is changed to Abby in the American series).

It seems pretty impossible from what we've seen, but it looks like the Eva character had psychological issues in the Australian version that made her believe Ben would leave her family when she heard her parents argue about Ben's affair with Jess. At the time, no one really knew about Tom's paternity but Eva decided that killing Tom would make Jess want to leave their neighborhood and would get rid of the threat of Ben potentially leaving them for her. Eva had never intended to frame her father for the murder, she just wanted to frame Jess if it was necessary. But unfortunately, Cornell from the Australian series still went after Ben because Eva's original plan of drowning Tom in the river was unsuccessful.

Obviously, things have changed in the American remake. We now have Ben's stalker to deal with — who was finally revealed to be the neighbor Kevin who hates Ben — and Ben also has to deal with the constant obnoxious efforts of Cornell who might be going outside the law to prove her case that Ben murdered Tom.

But what if the original twist still comes fruition in the US version? What is Abby is Tom's killer? She has in past episodes made comments about wanting things to back to the way they were, and she really only cried over the Tom tragedy when she found out that her father was also Tom's dad. Could she have been reeling from the guilt of killing her own brother?

There are still four more episodes to go in the series so anything — literally anything — can happen, especially now that we have journalist Arthur Fenton trying to take down Cornell and all of Ben's other issues along with whoever might be trying to frame him. I just think at this point, things are getting too complicated in Ben's life for the final reveal to still be that Abby is Tom's killer. There's more to this neighborhood than meets the eye, this much we know for damn sure at this point. But it's obvious there are still so many more secrets to uncover.

Images: Brownie Harris/ABC (2)