The Least Healthy Easter Candies Are Some Of The Most Delicious, So Indulging Is Probably Worth It

Not to harsh your Easter mellow (marshmallow that is, mwahaha) but the least healthy Easter candies are often those we love most dearly. You know that extra bit of caramel is probably not that good for your health, but do you care? If nothing else, holidays give us a bit of an excuse to entirely deny the health ramifications of our actions.

Eating is my favorite part of every festivity and I know I'm not alone. The issue is that those of us who are also weary of all this nutritionally damning deliciousness consistently have it in the back of our minds whilst munching; refined sugar is generally agreed upon as the ultimate dietician's nightmare, and for good reason. Funny enough, it's as though the Easter marketing powers that be have personal interest in sweetening the little packaged goodies as much as possible before shipping them off to be consumed by the unwashed masses (AKA you and I.) None of the candies I'm about to discuss are going to send your health straight to Neverland if you partake of a few here and there, but it is important to know what we're allowing into our bodies. If you know what I mean. For reference, here are the worst egg-shaped, bunny-centric offenders on the market.

1. The Cadbury Creme Egg

The major issue with this happiness-filled little guy is the (you guessed it) sugar content. One single egg has 20 grams of sugar, which is just five grams short the daily recommended dose for female adults. Aaand we all know none of us are eating just one.

2. Peeps

Okay so let's disregard the fact that these little guys have been through some serious consumer experiments and evidently will outlast the roaches, and focus on the fact that they're sugar stuck together with gelatin, covered with sugar. Just let that sink in a sec.

3. Snickers Eggs

'Kay well we've just run into my own personal weakness. Something about this combination of flavors kills me. They don't have quite as much sugar as their Cadbury counterparts but the saturated fat involved would be enough to put your health nut friend into a frenzy. Snickers also makes a seasonal version for Christmas which is probably somehow even more caloric.

4. Lindt White Chocolate Bunny

Alright Lindt Bunny, we all see you over there wearing your dastardly little brown bow, looking one particular shade of delicious. White chocolate is renowned for being the tempting yet most evil within the chocolate family.

5. Jordan Almonds

The way they get you is that they're nuts; almonds, in case you missed them, encased in their colorful sugary disguises. Traditionally, nuts are good for you, providing the kinds of fat our bodies actually need to function. But no. No, Jordan Almonds carry with them a much darker secret. Munching down 50 equals consuming 600 calories. That's dinner.

I'm not over here discouraging you from the aforementioned munching. But I do want you to be informed; informed and in denial (?)

Totally cool.

Images: Liza Lagman Sperl/Flickr; Lee McCoy/Flickr; Mike Mozart/Flickr; Evan-Amos/Creative Commons; Ginny/Flickr; Shadowpappi Photography/Flickr; Giphy (1)