15 Graduation Manicures To Rock On Your Big Day

by Marisa Dalpiaz

There it is, girl! The light at the end of the tunnel that is your college life. No more cafeteria food, cramming for exams, quiet hours in the dorms—it's all coming to an end very soon and you are going to want to soak up every minute of it. Graduation isn't until May or June, but you'd be surprised how fast time flies, which is why you should probably start preparing your grad ceremony outfit, including your graduation nails.

When I was getting ready to graduate, I was so busy working on my senior thesis, applying for full-time jobs, and trying to decide where I was going to move to that I didn't have any time to go graduation dress shopping. The good thing about that, however, is that your gown will cover your entire ensemble anyways. What you really need on graduation day is a great hairdo, great shoes, and a great manicure.

You know there are going to be tons of pictures of you throwing your graduation cap and clutching your diploma. The nails have got to look good! There are a bunch of great styles to choose from with all of the nail art inspiration that's accessible on the Internet. Here are 15 designs to consider when you get ready for your graduation day.


Dress with two graduation hats—that way if you lose the one on your head, you still have the one on your finger.


Consider doing this intricate design with your school colors. It will be festive and will match your graduation gown!


This is a cute, simple way to add your graduation year to your manicure.


If you have a steady hand or a nail artist who does, consider this intricate design.


This graduation hat looks a little easier to make. I love that the dots look like confetti.


I wish I had done this for my graduation. Who doesn't love leopard print?!


I love that this one included paw prints for the school mascot.


Another great way to do a graduation cap design!


A design that says "Congrats Grad" is a nice little pat on the back to yourself.


The only thing better than a confetti design is a metallic confetti design.


This will really put you in the mood to celebrate.


Monogramed nails on graduation day? Yes, please!


The graduation cap overlapping you graduation year is super cute and creative.


This is another easy way to make a graduation cap for your special day.


Don't settle for a regular manicure for your big graduation day.

Images: Instagram