You Won't Be Able To Pass Over This Nail Art

Passover begins tonight and when the sun goes down, Jewish families across the world will sit down to a traditional seder dinner and recount the innumerable historical sufferings of their people. Thanks to the folks at Midrash Manicure and their Ten Plagues Nail Decals you can get in on, as the company's site puts it, some "innovative religious expression" to spice up your ensemble. While the traumas and tribulations of the Jewish community through history are really the focus of this holiday, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with it! Isn't it high time your seder got a little, well, chic?

The 44 sticker nail decal set features imagery meant to represent all ten plagues as well as some traditional Passover favorites such as matzah, the seder plate, a Star of David, and the cup of Elijah. Personally, my favorite plague-related pictures are the existentialist-looking fish swimming in the bloody Nile and the two eyes peeping out of pitch darkness. Not only will your nail game be lightyears beyond that of your fellow Pesach-ers, but what better way to introduce yourself to that cute Jewish boy across the table (the one your mom's been trying to set you up with for months, much to your chagrin) than striking up a convo about your seasonally appropriate nail art as you reach for more haroset?

These nails will not only perfectly match any afikomen, but they also raise that all important question — why is tonight's manicure different from all other manicures?

Images: Midrash Manicures (3)