9 Celebrities Who Love 'The Bachelorette' As Much As You Do, Because This Show Really Is Amazing

We all have our guilty pleasures: Dipping white cheddar cheetos in queso dip, for instance, or maybe watching hours upon hours of addicting television and movies. For me, it's MTV's The Challenge, Life as a House, 90's teen rom-coms, One Direction music videos, and Nashville. Oh, and of course, one of the most popular phenomenons ever, ABC's The Bachelorette. Week after week, we all can tune in and watch a beautiful, successful woman try to find love among a bevy of hunks. They go on dates, they compete in physical challenges, there are sometimes horses. What's not to love? The Bachelorette is so popular that even celebrities love to dish about the fandom. Celebs, they're just like us!

We already know that The Bachelor has oodles of famous fans, including Jennifer Lawrence and John Mayer — but its sister series The Bachelorette has plenty of its own star-studded followers. Whether they're live-tweeting or tuning in with pizza and Franzia like the rest of us, these Bachelorette fans have no shame in their TV-watching habits.

Here are some of The Bachelorette's biggest fans. From besties and co-stars of The Hills to Hollywood leading men. Take a look:

Lauren Conrad

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It turns out there's only one other Laguna Beach alumni who loves The Bachelorette more than Lauren Conrad...

Lo Bosworth

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

...her best friend Lo Bosworth! Follow her live-tweets and predictions for major Bachelorette-obsessing.

Taye Diggs

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since he's a self-proclaimed Bachelor fan, it's no surprise he's also majorly into The Bachelorette. No one hates you Taye, promise.

Emmy Rossum


Watching The Bachelorette isn't just a TV show to Rossum, it's a hobby. If there's anything that brings people together, it's a shared love of the same television (and food).

Justin Long


Rossum's Comet co-star and fellow Bachelorette fan Justin Long found himself in major hot water after spoiling the Season 9 finale for a group of friends. (It is a most heinous crime, after all.) While chatting with The Observer, Long admitted," I accidentally spoiled the ending of The Bachelorette recently, and I felt really bad...I love that show."

Amanda Seyfried


If you thought Retta was the queen of live-tweeting...you just might need to start following Amanda Seyfried for your Bachelorette fix. She doesn't hold back!

Ellen DeGeneres

caohyeaah on YouTube

Not only is DeGeneres a fan, she's a mentor to Bachelorette contestants! If you can pass the Ellen test, you're good as gold.

Brian Williams

His daughter Allison might throw some ultra-fancy Bachelorette-viewing parties, but it's clear that Brian Williams takes the show very, very seriously. The home visits really do matter, folks.

Jason Biggs

Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you want the most raw and no-hold-barred Bachelorette live-tweets...look no further than Jason Biggs. I know, right?