George R.R. Martin Is Making A New Show & It's Far From The First Time He's Worked On TV

Although fans might think that the only thing he has on his mind is finishing his next book, it turns out that Game of Thrones' author has been focusing on other things besides his beloved series. On Friday, it was announced that Thrones writer George R.R. Martin is developing a new TV show, an HBO series called Captain Cosmos. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show would center around a 1949 writer whose passion for sci-fi stories coincides with the beginning of the age of TV. In other words: sounds as nerdy, unique, and entertaining as everything else Martin has done before.

Unfortunately, it'll still be a long time before Cosmos premieres, as the series is only in the early stages of development. Yet it's safe to assume that once it does, it'll be a hit; how could it not be, with a plot like that, a placement on HBO, and, most importantly, involvement from Martin? Some might forget, but the author isn't only responsible for writing A Song of Ice and Fire he's also had a huge impact on Thrones ' TV adaptation, as well as several other shows. If you've forgotten how much influence the author has had on TV throughout the years, refresh your memory below.

He Wrote Episodes Of The Twilight Zone

In 1986, Martin began his TV career as an Executive Story Consultant on the CBS revival of The Twilight Zone, writing one episode and being credited with the teleplay for three others. Clearly, his interest in all things creepy and supernatural started early.

He Was A Major Part Of Beauty And The Beast

In the last '80s, Martin joined the crew of Beauty and the Beast, a CBS Drama. He started as a writer, and ended up penning 14 episodes and being given the title of co-executive producer.

He Wrote Four Episodes of Thrones

Adapting your own work into a TV episode would be difficult for any author, but to do it as well as Martin has? That's incredible. Yet the writer has worked on Thrones several times, writing the scripts for "The Pointy End," "The Bear and the Maiden Fair," "The Lion and the Rose" (above) and, most memorably...

He Wrote "Blackwater"

AKA the best Thrones' episode of season 2, and one of the show's greatest installments of all time. The episode is remembered for its visually stunning battle sequence, but the dialogue and structure of the hour were just as well done, thanks in large part to Martin.

He Has A Massive Deal With HBO

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2013, Martin signed a two-year contract with HBO that not only confirmed him as Thrones' co-executive producer for the following seasons, but stated that he would develop and produce new projects for the network. Captain Cosmos is likely just the first of several contributions Martin will make to HBO over the years; we can't wait to see what's next.

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