This Site May Help You Land Your Dream Job

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or already an established figure in your given professional field, one fact remains: each of us is trying desperately to either attain or maintain our dream job. A site called DreamJobbing is helping millennials connect with employers who offer those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but without the traditional CV-focused application. You mean I don't have to update my resume for this? IN.

Instead, applications take the form of a submitted video that captures both your passion for the position and your personality, and then companies will choose a “winner” to take on the position. You become a contestant in the running for your future.

If it sounds like the process has a reality television bent, it sort of does. DreamJobbing was founded by primetime alumni Alex Boylan (The Amazing Race), Burton Roberts (Survivor), and Lisa Hennessy, a reality TV producer. “We want to give people amazing opportunities that truly help change people’s story,” Hennessy tells The Daily Nonpareil. “By making an application video – regardless if they win – it’s a step in the right direction for being brave and putting it out there what they are passionate about.”

Past position have included a photographer to travel and document Norway, an official tour reporter for Nitro Circus (whatever the hell that is), and a TV producer for CBS.

At least at face value it seems pretty cool, and this may be a great opportunity for people who are better at expressing their capability and passion in a face-to-face medium (er, face-to-screen in this case) rather than via resume. Take a look at the promo videos for a few of their dreamiest jobs below, and head here to check out the job board.

Culinary Explorer for King's Hawaiian

Wildlife Volunteer in Thailand

Backup Singer for Michael Bolton