This Site May Help You Land Your Dream Job

by Catie Keck

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or already an established figure in your given professional field, one fact remains: each of us is trying desperately to either attain or maintain our dream job. A site called DreamJobbing is helping millennials connect with employers who offer those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but without the traditional CV-focused application. You mean I don't have to update my resume for this? IN.

Instead, applications take the form of a submitted video that captures both your passion for the position and your personality, and then companies will choose a “winner” to take on the position. You become a contestant in the running for your future.

If it sounds like the process has a reality television bent, it sort of does. DreamJobbing was founded by primetime alumni Alex Boylan (The Amazing Race), Burton Roberts (Survivor), and Lisa Hennessy, a reality TV producer. “We want to give people amazing opportunities that truly help change people’s story,” Hennessy tells The Daily Nonpareil. “By making an application video – regardless if they win – it’s a step in the right direction for being brave and putting it out there what they are passionate about.”

Past position have included a photographer to travel and document Norway, an official tour reporter for Nitro Circus (whatever the hell that is), and a TV producer for CBS.

At least at face value it seems pretty cool, and this may be a great opportunity for people who are better at expressing their capability and passion in a face-to-face medium (er, face-to-screen in this case) rather than via resume. Take a look at the promo videos for a few of their dreamiest jobs below, and head here to check out the job board.

Culinary Explorer for King's Hawaiian

Wildlife Volunteer in Thailand

Backup Singer for Michael Bolton