Lucille Ball Statue Is Scaring Town Residents So Much They Want It Gone & I Don't Blame Them, Because Just Look At It — PHOTO

Talk about being unpopular: There is one extremely scary statue of Lucille Ball in the comedienne's hometown of Celoron, New York that's gotsta go, like now — and that's exactly what some members of Ball's former town are trying to do. The bronze statue was unveiled in 2009, but the funny thing is it looks nothing like the I Love Lucy star. By no means do I want to insult the artist here, but... come on. This statue looks nothing like her.

According to an anonymous local man speaking to Yahoo! News, the statue is described as "frightening" — he even started a Facebook page, which he hopes will help get the statue removed. As the man told Yahoo! News, "Lucille Ball was not only an amazing comedienne, but she was a stunning beauty. Her sense of humor only made her more beautiful. This statue looks nothing like the beautiful Lucy we all know. If for no other reason than that... the statue should go."

Amen, Mr. Anonymous. Amen. I mean, can you really blame anyone for wanting this statue gone? It is terrifying, to say the least. The man also said altering the statue wouldn't be enough — aka the whole thing needs to be re-done. "I think it looks like a monster. That is just my opinion. When you see it at night, it is frightening."

It sounds like a great way to scare away so many tourists, who I'm sure visit the town that gave birth to the famous comedienne. According to Celoron's mayor, Scott Schrencengost, it would take anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000 for the original sculptor to redo the statue. As for a local artist taking on the task? The mayor said that would only cost $5,000. Actually, Schrencengost told The Post-Journal he would appreciate if the original artist would fix the statue for free. As for using taxpayer money? No, the mayor will not use that towards the statue.

Yeah, so I'm pretty sure Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy fans will support her hometown in wanting another tribute. Hopefully, she gets honored the way she deserves. Until then, let's take a look at all those times during I Love Lucy that Ball looked better than this statue.

That Time She Got Stuck In The Freezer


Every Time She Made This Face

This expression would even be perfect for a statue.

That Time She Met William Holden


Even That Time She Was A Real-Life Statue

Now there's a statue worthy of Ball's genius.

Images: missstanwyck, thelucyartblog/Tumblr; Giphy