Makeup Artist Transforms Into A Bunny For Easter

It's very easy to take something a little too far. And when Maria Malone-Guerbaa turned her face into a bunny rabbit, I think she went too far, but you have to hand it to her—girl is super talented. The makeup artist is known for transforming herself into an array of people, animals, and objects, so it's no surprise that an Easter bunny was in the mix. But instead of being cute and charming, I find it to be a bit terrifying.

I will say that the 41-year-old London-based artist has some serious talent. Instead of reaching for extras, Malone-Guerbaa pulled the look together using makeup, only. At first look, you can't really tell where her eyes or mouth are – because she literally fit a whole animal on her face—but when you watch the accompanied video, your questions are answered. The bunny isn't just a little face; instead, Malone-Guerbaa included ears, the beginnings of a shirt, and a red bow tie. I mean, this lady went all out. I just hope she doesn't have any plans of attending a casual, kid's egg hunt because I honestly think she's going to scare a few people.

To show people how she got the final product, Malone-Guerbaa took a collection of photos, every 20 minutes, to show her progression. In total, it took her 3 hours to finish her bunny-inspired look. And as cool as I want to say it is, I just can't get past how scary it looks! Let's hope her next transformation isn't the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Image: Mariamalone1122/Instagram