What Hillary's New Brooklyn HQ Says About Her

When the news broke on Friday that Hillary Clinton had recently signed a lease for a campaign headquarters based in Brooklyn, New York, it prompted more questions than it answered. The recency of Clinton's rental combined with federal laws regarding Presidential candidacy means she will likely be officially announcing her bid for the Democratic nomination any day now. The Federal Election Commission dictates that after the first official campaign activity, a potential nominee must sign the paperwork for his or her bid within 15 days. Clinton's lease was signed in the last two days, meaning she has until April 15 to announce her Presidential campaign.

Clinton's new office space will be even bigger than President Obama's campaign headquarters for reelection in 2011 and 2012. While Obama's HQ took up 50,000 square feet in the Prudential Building in Chicago, Hillary Clinton's will occupy over 80,000 square feet of space on the 10th and 11th floors at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights. It's not bad news for Clinton's 35 or so staffers, who have been working wherever they can find space in the city. One person on Clinton's staff did not give his name because he couldn't speak on behalf of a campaign that does not yet exist, but he told Politico, who first reported the story, that the situation was getting pretty dire.

I’m sleeping on my brother’s couch and working out of Starbucks.

Though there is certainly no shortage of coffee shops in the area, Clinton's new Brooklyn digs are a far cry from being forced to work among the Frappuccino machines. She's been rumored to be interested in the area since March, when CNN first reported on it. Why did Clinton pick Brooklyn Heights? CNN says:

Clinton supporters see a number of benefits in Brooklyn, including ease of attracting talent to the New York area and the fact that it's known for ethnic and socio-economic diversity.

Yes, Brooklyn is diverse, and people will think she's even cooler for taking up roots in a building that literally describes itself as: "Modern offices. Brooklyn cool." And even more importantly, the building is located next to the intersection of Tillary and Clinton Streets. Seriously.

What's more interesting than the location of Clinton's new campaign offices, or even the logical reasons why she picked Brooklyn Heights, is the wealth of information we now have about Clinton thanks to this news. Not only do we now know that Hillary Clinton is almost definitely running for President, but we can speculate (my favorite activity) on what her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights might be like.

Hillary Swanky

Chris Hondros/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Brooklyn Heights is one of the most expensive areas of the city — not only one of the most expensive parts of Brooklyn, which should tell you something. Hint: Clinton's office is going to be pretty fancy.

Full of Hillary Action Figures

Since the company that created the famous Hillary action figure is based in Brooklyn, the headquarters is likely to get a good deal on mini-mes in bulk.

A Hangout Space For Hillary & Chirlane

The two are already close, so Clinton's move to McCray's home base will definitely increase their opportunities to hang out.

Coffee Galore

Even Hillary needs a caffeine boost once in a while, and Brooklyn is definitely the place to get it, no matter what her specialty order is.

Snacks On Snacks

The new campaign headquarters is only blocks away from the nearest Shake Shack, which campaign staffers will certainly appreciate.

Legally Blonde

Clinton's new HQ is situated between the Kings County Supreme Court and a United States District Court, so if she needs any legal advice she can just walk a block or two uptown or downtown.

Images: Giphy, Getty Images