How Do Politicians Celebrate Easter?

Wondering how your local, state, and national representatives celebrate Easter? You might be surprised to learn that their holiday plans are probably as boring as yours (but with much more politicking and kissing babies). It's tradition in the world of pandering and flashy showmanship to engage in a little positive press. So how do the country's most prominent politicians plan to celebrate Easter and what do they think all of those squishy Marshmallow Peeps?

Since 1878, the White House has of course hosted its annual Easter Egg Roll the Monday following the holiday weekend. Children and families are invited to the South Lawn where they're equipped with all the necessary Easter equipment: long-handled spoons and hard-boiled Easter Eggs. After racing them across the greens, children are invited to listen to special guests read their favorite children's books aloud. This year, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have invited guests to partake in special sports and fitness zones, cooking demonstrations, and a massive Easter Egg hunt in collaboration with the White House's #Gimme Five and Let's Move! campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles.

But the President and his family aren't the only ones celebrating the day typical, diplomatically friendly style: here's what some of today's candid politicians are planning for the pastel-bedecked holiday:

Ted Cruz

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The 2016 presidential hopeful is bringing out the big guns this year and kicking off his holiday celebration the only way he seems to know how: with more campaigning. During this weekend's Fox News airing of Killing Jesus, based on the book of the same name by host Bill O'Reilly, viewers will be able to catch an early viewing of Cruz's first campaign ads. CNN reported Friday that the 30-second television spot will feature Cruz discussing the many ways in which the "transformative love of Jesus Christ" has changed his life.

Hillary Clinton

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Both Clinton and husband Bill are engaging in some lighthearted festivities this weekend (perhaps to take their minds off of the ever-present concern that is Emailgate). On the Clinton Foundation's official website, the organization indicated that it would offer a White House-esque activity lineup filled with egg hunts (with eco-friendly eggs, of course) and plenty of opportunities for a quick pic with the Easter Bunny. No word yet on whether Mrs. Clinton is brushing up on hosting future White House Egg Hunts... you know — just in case.

Jeb Bush

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The potential 2016 candidate will be taking a break from a five-city fundraising tour (do we really need to say "potential candidate" anymore at this point?) to spend some downtime with his family. The Washington Post reported Monday that Bush wouldn't be away for long though, much to the relief of his political backers: the former Florida governor will be back on the road later next week with scheduled stops in Chicago, Boston, and Nashville.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence

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Pence will most likely be recovering from the disastrous Religious Freedom Restoration Act law that his state legislature passed last week.

Scott Walker

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The GOP-pet favorite is no stranger to Easter Sunday celebrations, having grown up in a religious household (father Llew was a preacher in the First Baptist Church and mother Pat was a Sunday School teacher). However, with no official word out of the Walker camp on how the Wisconsin governor plans to spend his Easter Sunday this year, it's probably safe to assume that he'll also be Googling ways to treat his pet-dander allergies in case he makes it to the White House in 2016. If not a family dog, who else will run through the annual Easter Egg Roll by his side? These are the important questions.

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