'Parks and Rec' Will Be OK Despite Tragic Absence, At Least According to Adam Scott

NBC had quite the big day of enraged subtweets yesterday. They meant to quietly announce the pushing back of two Parks and Recreation episodes, but instead found themselves triggering the wrath of Leslie Knope fans everywhere. Because Parks and Rec is made of joy and happiness and politics and waffles, and you can't just take that away from us and not expect us to revolt. We have been taught by Leslie Knope, after all. But according to Adam Scott, this Parks and Rec "hiatus" is not as gloom and doom as our sinking hearts first told us.

"Parks and Rec fans, don't worry, that Vulture article is misleading — we are not on 'hiatus' at all," Scott wrote in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.

"[The show will] still air the same amount of episodes before Xmas as last year," he continued. "[ And we] weren't scheduled to air new eps in Dec anyway."

"...And Parks will be back with Community in a regular timeslot at the beginning of Jan. Nothing to see here. All is well," said a third tweet.

This is all well and good, and it's nice to know the cast isn't seeing this as a case of NBC losing faith in the show, but dammit, we need our Parks! We also desperately need that Halloween episode — did you see that Ben and Leslie were dressed up as Wesley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride?!

And maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder? But THAT SOUNDS DELIGHTFUL AND WE NEED IT.

Image: NBC