This Is A Boston Terrier Dressed As A Bunny On A Roomba, And He's Here To Keep Easter In Your Heart Forever — VIDEO

Sean Horlor and Steve Adams, whose documentary series, Shift, looks at the big and small questions that shape our day-to-day lives, have recently tackled a particularly big question: What would happen if you dressed up a dog as the Easter Bunny and put it on a Roomba? Turns out the answer is "not too much," but an Easter Bunny dog on a Roomba is pretty hilarious nonetheless.

Any time you put a small creature on a Roomba, funny things happen. And I really mean it — any creature can be placed on a Roomba with hilarious results. Cats, dogs, lizards, baby really doesn't matter. We'll all watch and we'll all enjoy. And it's hilarious because their reaction is always kind of the same: disinterest, mild annoyance, and embarrassment, which is kind of weird. I feel like if I were small enough to ride on a Roomba I would be really super into it! And if you put me in a costume? EVEN MORE into it! Who doesn't love dressing up? Apparently Five, the Boston terrier in this video. Though maybe that's because the little guy is clearly in a Christmas sweater and it's Easter? Call me a traditionalist or a nit-picker, but I've always believed in the sanctity of seasonally appropriate holiday wear for pets.


Enjoy Five's full minute of embarrassment below:

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