Tom Hiddleston Totally Deserves An Oscar

After news broke that Tom Hiddleton's Hank Williams biopic, I Saw The Light , had found a home at Sony Picture Classics this week, chatter immediately began surrounding the project — and more importantly, around its star, Tom Hiddleston. Most know him best as Loki in various Marvel franchise films, but, of course, the 34-year-old actor is far more than a one trick pony — and there's some buzz that his role as Hank Williams might actually earn Tom Hiddleston an Oscar nod if early expectations for the movie prove the be true. Covering the late country singer Williams' meteoric rise to fame (and the tumultuous life he led because of it) I Saw the Light undoubtedly gives Hiddleston plenty of chances to show off his acting chops.

While it's too early to tell if I Saw The Light will live up to the hype already surrounding it (the movie is still in post-production, with no concrete release date set), one thing's for sure: Hiddleston deserves an Oscar, like, yesterday. He easily switches between the supernatural, the dramatic, and everywhere in between, and manages to remain incredibly charming (and, come on, really handsome, too) without any effort at all. If that's not enough to earn you a shiny gold statue, what is?

Here are all the reasons Tom Hiddleston absolutely deserves an Oscar:

He's an incredibly talented actor

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this man can act his butt off. Hiddleston throws himself into every single role he takes on, whether it's as the archenemy of Thor (in Thor), a haunted World World II pilot (in The Deep Blue Sea), or F. Scott Fitzgerald (in Midnight in Paris). Adaptability is key to being a good actor, and Hiddleton's got it down pat.

He's delightfully British

We all love the Brits, and Hiddleston is a particularly lovely one. Born and raised in London, he's a tried and true Englishman with the amazing accent to match. That alone doesn't qualify him for an Oscar, sure — but we all know the English are Very Serious about pretty much everything they do, acting included. This means he's very refined and focused on his craft and... OH WHATEVER, just give him the Oscar!

He really loves what he does

Some actors are clearly only in the business for the fame and money, but it's clear that Hiddleston is here because it's his calling. Not only that, but he's grateful for the success he's achieved, takes nothing for granted, and always gives back (he's a big supporter of UNICEF, among other charity organizations).

He doesn't have a giant ego

Hollywood is well-known for actors that are so big-headed, they can barely fit through the door. That's not Hiddleston, though — he's down-to-earth and doesn't take himself too seriously, preferring instead to maintain his sense of humor and really let himself go when it counts the most. If he won an Oscar, he would without a doubt appreciate it to the ends of the Earth.

This smile

Enough said. All the Oscars, now!

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