Woman Gets $200 Ticket For Applying Lip Balm

Let's be honest, guys. You probably shouldn't put on chapstick while you're stopped at a traffic light, but pretty much everyone does it. This woman just had the misfortune of getting caught. A Las Vegas woman named Stephanie Fragoso got a $200 ticket for putting on lip balm while stopped at a red light. Worst April Fool's Day ever.

That's right, folks. This actually happened on the year's only holiday devoted to practical jokes. It was for realizes though. As The Daily Mail reports, Fragoso was cited with a $200 violation by a Nevada Highway Patrol officer on April 1st. The officer pulled her over when he saw that she was applying lip balm while idling at a red light. She reportedly thought that the officer was kidding when he issued her a ticket for distracted driving. The officer, on the other hand, was not laughing. Better yet, it's a point violation. Again, as I said before. Worst. April. Fool's. Day. Ever.

In an attempt to have zero driving fatalities in 2015, the Nevada police are coming down hard on "distracted driving." That can include anything from the seemingly innocent activities of drinking water and applying lip balm, to the bonkers tasks shaving your legs or watching a movie. A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper told The Daily Mail that he has supposedly seen all of those things.

As someone who has been pulled over for a bevy of reasons that range from justifiable (driving the wrong way down a one-way street) to ridiculous (going 26 in a 25 mph zone), I feel the pain of this person. Many people would not have realized that there was anything wrong with putting on lip balm while at a full stop. And sheesh man, a $200 ticket? They could've taken it easier on her. But obviously, saving lives and ensuring road safety is of prime importance. Ultimately, my feelings about Fragoso's insanely expensive parking ticket are best described in the word's of Daniel Powter in his 2003 hit song, "Bad Day."

Image: Stephanie Fragoso/ Facebook; Giphy