Beyonce’s "Die With You" Lyrics Mean A Lot

Who needs a weekend pick-me-up? If it feels like an exceptionally sleepy afternoon around your way, then prepare to be roused from your mental stupor: Beyoncé's new song "Die With You" just hit the Internet. And, here's some even sweeter news: there's already a video to go along with it. As everyone should be well aware of by now, Beyoncé's timing is always flawless, so it makes sense that she decided to release a new song with a video to boot — just as much as it makes sense that the song is perfectly timed to publicly commemorate her seventh wedding anniversary with hubby Jay Z. But, now that we have the song in our lives, the question on every fans' mind is without a doubt the same: What do Beyoncé's "Die With You" lyrics mean?

While the video for "Die With You" is currently available over at Jay Z's TIDAL streaming service, I'll be generous enough to put you out of your anticipation-induced misery by providing a few highlights before you rush on over there for a listen. The video is pretty simple, visually: featuring Beyoncé bare-faced and sporting a couple of adorable braids, the clip shows Queen Bey effortlessly belting out the lyrics to the touching song. Also, and this is the absolute best part of the video — BEYONCÉ IS PLAYING THE PIANO, YOU GUYS.

Sorry — I got so excited about seeing Bey on the keys that I nearly forgot how beautiful the lyrics are. It only took one listen (although I admit I still have the song on repeat) to realize the meaning behind "Die With You":

"I don’t have a reason to cry/And I have every reason to smile"

Basically Bey and Jay are a perfect match. But we knew that already.

"And I don’t have a reason to lie/When you’re already reading my mind"

You're right, Beyoncé. Those eyes don't lie.

"And I don’t have a reason to be/If I can’t be with you"

Ahh, I feel ya, Bey.

"And I don’t need air in my lungs/If I can’t sing your song"

OK, Beyoncé. Now you're trying to make me cry.

“‘Cause darlin’ I wake up just to sleep with you/I open my eyes so I can see with you”

SIGH. Can she get any sweeter?

"And I live/so I can die with you"

And now I'm dead.

Happy anniversary, Bey and Jay! If you haven't yet, check out "Die With You" over on TIDAL here.

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