5 Businesses Gwyneth Paltrow Should Open Immediately Because Goop Is Only The Beginning

Gwyneth Paltrow is basically the queen of everything in life and we all know it. She's rich, she's a celebrated and respected actress, she's the founder and owner of the Goop empire... what's next? Oh, right — she's ready to expand her entrepreneurial spirit to the property ladder and TMZ reports that Paltrow scooped up legendary Hustler Hollywood shop on the Sunset Strip, with plans to turn it into an exclusive, members-only nightclub that will cost thousands of dollars a year. The place will be based on the Arts Clubs already in operation in London and Aspen and will host a restaurant, a nightclub and lounge and swanky events like poetry readings. Black tie only, obvs.

While Paltrow (with the help of her business partners, naturally) will no doubt make the club enormously successful — and it will make her even richer — why should she stop there? Now that she's shown she's serious about branching out into different sectors of the business world, there's no limit to what she could achieve if she decided to invest. But Gwynnie is a busy lady and might not have enough time to brainstorm other possible ventures, so I've got a few she's welcome to steal.

Artisan bakery

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Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't really do baked goods. All that wheat and gluten are not really part of the Goop lifestyle, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to let her hair down every once in a while and enjoy the sweeter things in life. A Paltrow-owned bakery would, of course, be artisan, organic, and would only make products that have no gluten, refined sugar and use dairy alternatives like almond and coconut milk. The prices would be sky high but the products would fly off the hand-crafted ceramic cake pedestals. Can't you just see it?

Art gallery

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If there's one thing Gwyneth Paltrow knows, it's art. From movies and books to painting and sculpture, she's got an eye for beauty and seeks out lesser-known artists and craftsmen (and craftswomen!) from around the world. Owning an art gallery would allow her to curate all of her favorite things in a single place and sell them to fellow rich people for a whole lotta cash. Win/win!

Daycare center


Having two kids of her own, Gwyneth has plenty of ideas about how kids should be raised, from what they should eat to how they should dress and everything in between. If she owned a day care center, every employee would be trained in the Paltrow parenting methods to ensure consistency. Nap times would be at 2pm sharp and snacks would be organic. Space would also be limited, so the privileged could compete for the small number of spots available. Cha-ching!

Yoga studio

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Gwyneth has worked with fitness guru Tracy Anderson for years and regularly practices various workouts including Pilates and yoga. People love yoga, and considering how great it is for both your physical and mental health, it makes sense for her to branch out into opening her own studio. Sessions would be long and rigorous (there'd be LOTS of hot yoga) and cost a day's wages, but it would be worth it, wouldn't it?

Culinary school

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Sure, you could buy Goop-approved baked goods from her artisan bakery, but wouldn't you like to learn how to make Gwyneth Paltrow-approved meals in your very own kitchen? She's already the author of two cookbooks, but having hands-on instruction for imitating her diet in the long term would not only be useful, it'd be lucrative for her. Put your chef hats on and grab the organic quinoa, cos we're about to get cooking!

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