Taylor Swift Throws A Birthday Bash For Her BFF With Your Teenage Music Heroes — PHOTOS

As if we couldn't be any more envious of Taylor Swift's long legs, rapidly amassed fortune, fierce work ethic, unparalleled talent, and all around real life fairy tale existence, she goes ahead does the unthinkable. The music maven managed to put two of our teenage music heroes together in one, tangible place that isn't Heaven or our dreams. Seriously y'all, Chris Carrabba, Hayley Williams, and Swift partied together. Let that sink in for a second.

To elaborate, Abigail Anderson, Swift's best friend, turned 25 and it didn't go unnoticed by the singer. She threw a totally awesome birthday party in Anderson's honor and Swift invited both Williams of Paramore and Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional to join in the festivities. Why? Because she's obviously an angel on Earth and the best friend on the entire planet, that's why. And then, to heighten the excitement of the whole matter, she got together with them and Anderson in a photo booth and the rest is history. Legitimate history, actually, because that line up was probably your 2007 "most recently played" on iTunes.

I know, it was probably even more awesome than it sounds and looks and it still looks and sounds pretty darn amazing. Not to leave out other cool kids who were invited to the party, she also snapped a few pictures with Lily Aldridge and a gaggle of Followills. No big deal, right? A completely casual, run of the mill birthday party, for sure. If, for some reason, you want to see pictures of this absolutely normal birthday with all of your teen music idols, you can check them out below.

Try not to shriek or swoon when looking, it's not very becoming now that you're a grown ass adult.

Prepare yourselves:

Then there's Taylor & Abigail being oh so glamorous

Some more incidences of peeps having a grand ol' time at the bash

And, then there's this

Don't try to out-party plan Swift, fellow Earthlings. You can't.