15 Sunglasses For Spring That Will Make You Want To Throw Some Literal Shade 24/7

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A very important lesson I learned on my first day working at a ski hill was that sunscreen and sunglasses were season-less essentials. We should be wearing our protection against the sun year-round, but the warmth and longer days of the early months of the year always serve as reminders to purchase sunglasses for spring.

Sunglasses are very important for sun protection but also for checking your lipstick on the bus, sleeping while at work á la Ilana Wexler, hiding your hangover at brunch, and as a crucial fashion accessory.

Don't feel bad that you haven't been wearing your shades all winter, but do pick up a pair of super cute ones STAT. Here's a collection of 15 pairs for your perusal that are fun, flirty, and classic at prices as low as $1 a pair (seriously) and some higher-end investment pieces that will teach you not to lose your stuff.

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