This 'Wrecking Ball' Costume Is The Best

Are you tired of all the Miley Cyrus exposure yet? Oh, you tired of it months ago? So did everyone. But the general overexposure that is Miley Cyrus right now does not quench our insatiable love of a timely and topical Halloween costume, which is why we did a little fist-bump with the Internet when we saw crafty blogger Craftmomicon's post about a "Wrecking Ball" costume her cousin made for her dog. We're gonna let you finish, but this dog has the best "Wrecking Ball" costume of all time. OF ALL TIME! But seriously, it's super great.

The dog in question is named Tottie, and luckily Tottie likes to wear costumes and so was reportedly cooperative when it came to getting her to climb into the thing. We highly recommend you do not try this costume on a cat, unless part of your Halloween plans included having your eyeballs clawed out.

For more information — and instructions on how to make one of these for your very own probably soon-to-be very disgruntled pet — we point you over to Craftinomicon and her rundown. We'd love to see lots of chubby little "Wrecking Ball" costumes on the streets come Halloween.

Now we just need one that involves a Nicolas Cage action figure.