3 DIY Facial Mist Recipes To Try This Summer

With spring in the air, I can finally take a break from making heavy moisturizers to ward off the harsh winter breeze — but that doesn't mean I'm on a vacation from natural remedies. The new task that has me bustling around my kitchen is learning how to make a facial mist to help my skin feel hydrated and refreshed BEFORE that summer humidity gets here to mess up my oil production. I've always keep a trusty container of leave-in conditioner in my purse for anytime my hair is feeling dry away from home; it's only fair that I give my face the same luxury by making myself a facial mist loaded with antioxidants, calming effects, and of course, water.

You're probably wondering why you even need a facial mist if it's mostly water. Isn't it just a marketing ploy to make you spend even more money on your face? I'll be the first to deny extra products in my skincare regimen; any weird serum that is allegedly going to keep me looking young forever? No thanks. However, as soon as I started using a facial mist, I quickly realized that it's a touch-up for your face that everyone can benefit from, regardless of if you have oily, combination, or dry skin. Facial mists are literally for everyone.

With hot temperatures coming our way, it's safe to say that facial mists are going to be popping up left and right on the shelves. They do tend to be on the pricier side (as is all quality skincare), but luckily for us natural beauty buffs, they're also easy to make at home. Plus, if you DIY it, you get the bonus effect of being able to customize them for your skin type.

You probably know by now how crucial drinking water throughout the day is for healthy skin. Facial mists are an even easier way to get that hydration, plus they just feel really nice on your face. Don't worry, beauty product aficionados, facial mists are great for refreshing your makeup, not ruining it. I'm always concerned about reapplying makeup because I don't want to clog my pores, but with a facial mist I can spritz my face and know that breakouts aren't going to be a punishment for wanting to keep my makeup looking fresh.

Fig & Yarrow Complexion Water, $19, Amazon

I'll be honest, most facial mists out there don't seem to be worth the cost, but there are a few out there like Fig & Yarrow's Complexion Water that are affordable, great for all skin types, and actually worth the money — just do your investigating first, and make sure they include organic ingredients. Should you have a green thumb and the time, I suggest checking out the following recipes for a bomb facial mist that you can keep in your purse to refresh your natural glow.

1. Clarifying Facial Mist

Cedarwood Oil, $7, AmazonClary Sage Oil, $10 , Amazon

This mist is incredibly easy to make: Just add 10 drops each of cedar wood and clary sage oil to two ounces of water. It has a subtle, unisex smell, so you can share it with any dudes in your life, too.

2. Aloe Rose Facial Mist

Rose Water, $9, AmazonJasmine Essential Oil, $7, Amazon

I have a particular affection towards rose water as it has helped restore my complexion and jump-start my hair cleansing routine. Boil about a dozen roses in a litre of water and then strain the water out. I use an ounce of rose water and about 3/4 ounce of fresh aloe (which has major moisturizing and soothing properties), then I add jasmine essential oil to my mist for ultra healing effects.

3. Lavender Tea Tree Mist

Lavender Oil, $14, Amazon

Since lavender is so calming, it's definitely one of the best ingredients for a facial mist. This recipe from Aura Cacia is a particularly great face mist for oily, acne prone skin. Use equal parts rose water and witch hazel and then add about 20 drops of lavender tea tree oil. Spritz this mixture on anytime you need to control the natural oils on your face.

Image: WavebreakMediaMicro/Fotolia; Zack Zalium , Aneo/Flickr; Giphy; Kristin Collins Jackson