15 Statement Clutch Bags That Are Funky Fresh Enough To Warrant 24/7 Use This Spring

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Every time you take a peek at the day's fashion news, you're probably reminded that celebrities love to rock their statement clutch bags, so my question of the hour is: Why can't we? I want to sport clutch bags shaped like books, that feel like baskets, or that seem to facilitate Beetlejuice-esque conversations with the dead, too.

Even the world’s newest Cinderella, Lily James, carried a clock clutch, and it basically made me swoon. It also made me seethe with jealousy because I’ve seldom seen something cooler.

Bags are bags, but they don’t have to be "just something that holds our lipstick, powder, and compact mirrors." Bags can be something bigger than that. Or in this case, something smaller. Because, ya know, we’re talking about clutches. A clutch can represent something we adore or express something we’re feeling, after all. We’ve talked about unconventional jeans for spring, so why can’t we hold something unconventional as well? Let's do it.

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