15 Statement Clutch Bags That Are Funky Fresh Enough To Warrant 24/7 Use This Spring

Every time you take a peek at the day's fashion news, you're probably reminded that celebrities love to rock their statement clutch bags, so my question of the hour is: Why can't we? I want to sport clutch bags shaped like books, that feel like baskets, or that seem to facilitate Beetlejuice-esque conversations with the dead, too.

Even the world’s newest Cinderella, Lily James, carried a clock clutch, and it basically made me swoon. It also made me seethe with jealousy because I’ve seldom seen something cooler.

Bags are bags, but they don’t have to be "just something that holds our lipstick, powder, and compact mirrors." Bags can be something bigger than that. Or in this case, something smaller. Because, ya know, we’re talking about clutches. A clutch can represent something we adore or express something we’re feeling, after all. We’ve talked about unconventional jeans for spring, so why can’t we hold something unconventional as well? Let's do it.


This cute-as-can-be wicker clutch reminds me of my Easter basket. I would definitely stuff a Snickers and a chocolate bunny in there.

Roger Vivier Maxi Boîte de Nuit Panier Box Clutch, $ 3,102,


I am completely besotted with this Peter Pan Clutch. Similarly, Lily James carried a Cinderella book-inspired bag to the Toronto premiere of the iconic film.

Olympia Le-Tan Disney Peter Pan Embroidered Clutch, $1,880,

Bandana Rama

There is nothing I don’t adore about this perspex clutch. If I had this bag, I would for sure get a matching bandana for my hair. This just proves that there are so many ways to rock a bandana.

Charlotte Olympia Bandana Pandora Perspex Clutch, $1,295,

Butterfly Kisses

I’m not sure if I would call myself a social butterfly, but that wouldn’t stop me from carrying this amazingly cool clutch. It also makes me want to whip out those butterfly clips from the early 2000s. Who’s with me?

Kotur Social Butterfly Glitter Perspex Clutch, $420,


Liz Lemon said it. “Yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more!” That’s all.

Jimmy Choo Navy and Raspberry Neon Light Acrylic “YES” “NO” Clutch Bag, $895,


Fringe and the color blue are two of my favorite things. How can I say no to this?

Rebecca Minkoff Finn Leather Fringe Clutch Bag, $195,

British Pride

Obsessed with this totally rock-n-roll clutch from the late designer? It’s spot-on for attending a concert. Maybe 1D? Even though Zayn left the band and we’re all in mourning.

Alexander McQueen Britannia Skull-Clasp Clutch Bag, $1,695,

Ice Blue

I don’t know why this bag reminds me of Frozen. But I feel like Elsa would absolutely carry this on a date.

Edie Parker Lara Acrylic Ice Clutch Bag, $995,


How epically cool is this clutch? It makes me want Halloween but I would totally rock this any night.

Kotur Merrick Ouija Board Perspex Clutch, $950,


I don’t know if any of us are going to be “wanted” women this spring, but if we are, hopefully it’s by a sexy suitor and not the boys in blue.

Charlotte Olympia Wanted Printed Leather Clutch, $460,


We can’t completely escape florals for spring. It’s just not possible. And why would we want to? Groundbreaking or not, they’re just so darn lovely.

Nancy Gonzalez Slicer Flower-Applique Crocodile Clutch Bag, $2,950,


Whether you believe in it or not, I believe whatever Justin Timberlake tells me. And he tells me that “what goes around comes back around.”

Edie Parker Flavia Acrylic Karma Clutch Bag, $1,495,

Hubba Bubba

I definitely won’t be toting gum in this bag. None at all.

Anya Hindmarch Imperial Hubba Bubba Elaphe Clutch, $1,595,


This bag is so fancy and stunning that I’d be a little afraid I’d hurt it. But that won’t stop me — I’ll just hold it like a baby. Obvi.

Marchesa Lily Crystal Embroidered Clutch, $2,995,


This funky clutch is the perfect Coachella clutch IMHO.

Anita Batik Sonoma Beaded Canvas Clutch, $190,