'Twin Peaks' Is Iconic In Pop Culture

No matter how many shows come after it, I strongly believe that Twin Peaks is still one of the greatest and weirdest shows on television. While I may not have been old enough to appreciate the series in its original run (thankfully my parents were responsible enough not to subject me to the frightening Bob at my extremely young age), I binged-watched the series over a decade ago and am still completely in love with all of its creepy, quirky goodness today. Now with the series at the 25th anniversary of its premiere, it's hard not to look back on how much Twin Peaks has impacted pop culture in so many wonderful, insane ways. Not only have other shows spawned from the series, but films, video games, music and other areas of the arts have been inspired by David Lynch's creation and characters.

Twin Peaks is not only an extremely quotable show, it's iconic images are ones that can be easily parodied (mostly out of love for the show) or given an homage. Some of the best entertainment projects including Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Northern Exposure, have referenced Twin Peaks at one point or another and while there are hundreds out there, these are some of the best ones.


Psych: "Dual Spires"

This is one of the best homages of a television show I've ever seen in my life. In this episode, Shawn and Gus get sent a mysterious invitation to small town Dual Spires for a cinnamon festival but end up getting tasked with solving the murder of a young girl found wrapped in plastic. The references are chock full in this episode, including the return of original Twin Peaks cast members to the episode in similarly quirky roles. It's an absolute must-see for any Twin Peaks fan.

The Simpsons: "Lisa's Sax"

Homer's perfect reaction to watching Twin Peaks is everything.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: "Stand and Deliver"

Scooby falls asleep and wakes up in the red room.

Sesame Street: "Monsterpiece Theater's Twin Beaks"

You gotta love Monsterpiece Theater.

Fringe May Share The Same Universe As Twin Peaks

The cult Fox series referenced Twin Peaks a couple of times, first in this episode where Walter references his friend Dr. Jacoby from Washington State. The show also features an episode entitled "Northwest Passage," which was the original name for Twin Peaks.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Did It Many Times

Surprisingly enough, Hilary Banks was the one who brought up Twin Peaks in a few episodes which leads me to rethink my initial ranking of the Banks family and place Hillary pretty close to number one.

Friends: "The One With The Fake Party"

Did you know that tying a cherry stem in your mouth is a Twin Peaks thing? Rachel was not nearly as successful at this endeavor as Audrey.


Camper Van Beethoven: "That Gum You Like Is Back In Style"

The title of this song comes from a line in Twin Peaks.

Kool AD: "Eroika"

This song specifically references Twin Peaks with the line "Watching Twin Peaks... Look I'm Laura Palmer."

The Icypoles: "Just You"

This Australian did the ultimate Twin Peaks homage by making a cover of "Just You" which originally appeared on the show. It's just as haunting and pretty as ever.

Surfer Blood: "Twin Peaks"

This song is literally named "Twin Peaks." So this reference is obvious.


Alan Wake

There are so many references to Twin Peaks in Alan Wake, including the Oh Deer Diner in the small town of Bright Falls being similar to Twin Peaks' Double R Diner, Alan Wake basically being the equivalent of Dale Cooper, and the game's very own Log Lady-type character. You can even unlock a "Damn find cup of coffee" in the game!



This line. This line is pure gold.


Apparently this line from Titanic actually comes from an episode of Twin Peaks. I don't know how I missed that actually.

Bonus Question! 50 Shades of Grey

Do you think Christian's red play room was inspired by Twin Peaks?

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