This Little Boy Trying To Eat Sushi Is Having A Complete Existential Meltdown — VIDEO

I can't remember the first time I tried sushi, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't particularly dramatic. Such was not the case for this little boy, whose dad bet him $10 to eat sushi without gagging or making faces, and turned it into the biggest production of eating foreign food that I have ever seen. At pains, wrestling with his disgust over the sushi and his desire to be $10 richer, he antagonizes over the sushi with unwarranted drama. Sushi tastes good, kid! You're really missing out. Meanwhile, my only thought the whole time was, "Damn that sushi looks fine—get in my belly!" (Yes, that was an Austin Powers joke. Goldmember was on TV on the weekend and YES, I WATCHED IT, I'M NOT ASHAMED OF MY LIFE.)

The other thought going through my head is, "What kind of parent demands $10 in loss of a bet from their kid?" The dad makes it clear at the start that his son, who can't be more than 10 years old, will owe him if he can't eat the sushi within the designated time and according to the outlined rules. Surely when parents make bets with kids, they're one sided. Where would a kid get $10 from, if not from his or her parents, anyway? This face pretty much sums it up:

The twist at the end is glorious, as his little sister steps in to take up the challenge. I'll let you see what happens for yourself:

Casey Levi on YouTube

Because kids can be ridiculous and adorable when it comes to eating things that taste weird, here are some other little people's reactions to trying things us adults consider culinary luxuries:

1. Coffee (Hate it now kids, but one day you'll be ADDICTED)

Ernest Larrabee on YouTube

2. Generally spicy food (which gets probably the most adorable of all reactions)

3. Ice Cream (Hint: they love it)


4. Tofu (which they're forced to eat plain, and lets be real, that is not any adult's favorite thing either)

REACT on YouTube

5. Warheads (which you might not think of as a luxury but when was the last time YOU had one?)

CompilarizTV on YouTube

Images: Getty Images; YouTube