These Dogs Fail At Being Dogs So Hard, But They Win At Making Us Want To Hug Them — VIDEO

One of my favorite things about dogs is their total lack of embarrassment. While we humans are constantly obsessed with how others perceive us — Does my hair look crazy today? Was that conversation I just had really awkward? I think it was awkward. Oh my God, I just waved at that person like an idiot. Has my skirt been caught in the back of my underwear this whole time?? — dogs are just living their lives, chasing squirrels and peeing on lamp posts, totally not caring that much of the time, their human counterparts are finding them hilarious. Which is why I am thoroughly enjoying this video of dogs looking completely ridiculous.

This video compiles a bunch of scenes of dogs running into things, falling off of things, getting stuck, and generally looking really, really silly. Obviously, dogs crashing into things is not funny when an animal actually gets hurt, but the dogs in this video seem to recover just fine from their various falls and collisions, so I think we can laugh to our hearts’ content. We can all learn a little something from these dog fails: When you do something really embarrassing, stand up, dust yourself off, and go back to chasing that ball (or, you know, whatever other activity makes you happy).

Here are a few of my favorites:

This one fails at football

This one fails at reaching

This one fails at dog doors

This one fails at running

This one fails at slides

This one WINS at amazing facial expressions

This one is completely IDGAF

Watch the whole thing!

It's Compilated on YouTube

Images: Pexels; YouTube (7)