7 Reasons Ben Affleck & Matt Damon's 'Incorporated' Should Be On Your To-Watch List, As If You Need That Many Reasons

Fans of the original bromance rejoice, because it was announced on Monday that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's new show Incorporated has been ordered to pilot by Syfy. It's being billed as a spy thriller based in a future where corporations have limitless power, and, according to the press release, will center around "the story of one man’s efforts to beat the system." Ooh. Sounds pretty effing great, but I'm also biased. As someone who grew up alternately idolizing and crushing on Affleck and Damon, and crying my way through their best-known collaboration, Good Will Hunting, I need no further convincing in order to set my DVR to record this series. I'm on board immediately, so don't waste your breath or pass Go or collect $200 — I'm in.

But that's just me, and there are certainly others out there who perhaps do not share my deep and abiding trust for all things Matt and Ben and Ben and Matt. I'm not mad, because you know not what you do, but I also realize you might need some convincing. I'm here to provide that. Here are seven reasons you should be excited about Affleck and Damon's new project Incorporated, ye nonbelievers.

This Is Matt And Ben We're Talking About

Might as well start out with the obvious one. They've been friends since the 1980s and co-producers since the '90s, so they know what's up at this point, and have proven they make each other better. Plus, the two of them together is just about the most charming thing since sliced bread. (Very, very charming.)

These Two Deserve To EGOT

They already have more Oscars and other film awards than they know what to do with, so let's get these two an Emmy, no? Tonys and the Grammys, they're coming for you. I just know it.

It'll Be On Syfy

If I've learned one thing from current television, it's that the more obscure the channel, the better the chances of success. Everyone from Netflix to FX to Amazon is taking a risk on new kinds of shows, and they've been paying off across the board.

They're Calling It A 'Futuristic Espionage Thriller'

Where do I sign?

It Takes A Political Stand

As I mentioned, the basis of the series is that corporations have unlimited power and essentially can't be stopped, which is only a few creepy steps away from where we find ourselves now with Citizens United.

They've Got An All-Star Showrunner

Incorporated snagged Ted Humphrey, who has previously worked as a writer and producer on The Good Wife. Which, if you hadn't heard, is the best show on television right now.

...And A Stellar Production Company

The show will be produced through Affleck and Damon's production company Pearl Street Films, which is also behind their critically-acclaimed show, Project Greenlight. It just got cleared for a fourth-season return to HBO.

So there you have it. If you aren't convinced at this point, you and I will never be friends, and frankly I just feel sorry for you.

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