Miss Cookie Is The Most Judgmental Cat On Instagram And You Need To Know About Her — PHOTOS

Cats always appear to be judging us anyway, but finally the internet found the world's most judgmental cat of all time: Miss Cookie. This cat is clearly the most self-righteous feline on this or any other side of the earth, depicted in Instagram posts staring out the window throwing shade at neighbors (which has gone so far downhill lately, if you ask her).

Truly, bad neighbors do exist and it's hard to observe them in a passive or neutral way. I know this as a fact. As a person who works from home full-time, I do take the occasional window break to stare out into the abyss that is my complex parking lot. I know the goings on with a good number of my neighbors via my creepy, clandestine observations and although I freely make little jokes to myself, I'm never one to judge too harshly. We all have mornings in which we deem it totally reasonable to water front porch plants in a breezy robe only (right? Guys? Hello?), so I write it off. Miss Cookie, however, goes full feline snobby during their daily window gazings. True, Miss Cookie looks a bit more prim and proper than I usually do while slouched over my laptop at home, so maybe it's a fair place of judgement.

Regardless, Nosy Miss Cookie's account is sure to be one of your new favorites on Instagram:

Cats are so weird and I love them so hard. We can make assumptions about their actual thoughts and motives, but will we ever really know?

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Images: nosymisscookie/Instagram (6); Giphy