Watching Furious Pete Set The Guinness World Record For Most Cadbury Creme Eggs Eaten In One Minute Is The Best Post-Easter Sugar Detox Program Ever

It's about this time of year that I usually reach a point where I see a Cadbury Crème Egg and it makes me feel mildly sick. But this video of competitive eater Peter Czerwinski, AKA “Furious Pete,” breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Cadbury Crème Eggs Eaten in One Minute? Hoo boy. It's a whole new ballgame. The video isn't new — Czerwinski first set the record in April of 2014 — but since those of us who celebrate Easter are still recovering from all those holiday-themed sweets, let's give ourselves another reasons to go into sugar detox, shall we?

I don't know about you, but I usually have trouble eating an entire Cadbury Crème Egg in one sitting. Not because I get full, though; it's purely due to the fact that they're just. So. Sweet. And believe you me, I've got quite the sweet tooth — so the fact that they're too much even for me? That's really saying something. I suspect the reason my brother and I use to love them so much when we were kids had very little to do with how the things actually taste; it was more the novelty of eating an egg made of chocolate that looked like it had an actual yolk in the middle. Because let's face it: That's still pretty cool, no matter how old you are or even whether or not you like chocolate.

Anyhoo, according to Czerwinski, the rules for setting this record are as follows:

  • Standard 34-gram Cadbury Crème Eggs must be used — none of that “mini-egg” nonsense.
  • You cannot pre-unwrap your eggs. Each egg must be unwrapped over the course of the minute.
  • Each egg must be eaten and swallowed before you can start cramming the next one in your mouth — and you have to prove it's been eaten and swallowed by opening your mouth and showing the camera that it's empty each time you finish one.
  • No drinking is allowed during the attempt.

It's also suggested that you don't attempt trying to break this record (or any consumption-based challenges) more than once in one day. It's not a hard and fast rule, but it's probably a good one to follow. Trying to do something like this multiple times in a row is probably going to end in tears and a trip to the emergency room.

But for the curious, here's what it looks like when you eat a Cadbury Crème Egg as fast as you can:

Step 1: Unwrap It

Step 2: Shove It In Your Mouth

Step 3: Chew and Swallow

Step 4: Proof Of Consumption

Now imagine him doing that five more times in quick succession.


This isn't the only record this guy holds, by the way; according to Czerwinski's Guinness page, he's also done things like eat 17 Jaffa Cakes in one minute and eat an entire onion in less than 45 seconds. My big question, though, is this: How does one figure out that one has a talent for competitive eating in the first place? Alas, I may never know... but then again, maybe it's better that way. I can admire competitive eaters from afar, but I have no desire to become one myself.

Watch the full video below:

Furious Pete on YouTube

Images: Brett Jordan/Flickr; Furious Pete/YouTube (4)