Take Notes: Bella's Sharing Her Style Inspiration

If it's wrong for a 20-something to take fashion inspiration from a teenager, then I don't want to be right. The ever-chic Bella Thorne's style inspiration isn't actually that different from yours or mine — but she still makes me want to up my game in a big way. In an exclusive look at her new Boohoo campaign, The Daily Mail Online is sharing the inspiration behind Thorne's fashion choices.

"Blake Lively is an inspiration to me. She has the ultimate California girl look," Thorne says. '"I [also] look to the streets for fashion inspiration."

Tip: Even if you don't live in a city with a strong #StreetStyle game like Thorne (I imagine the time she spends in LA and New York gives her quite a bit to work with,) the Internet is a beautiful thing. Type in a city, season, clothing item, or general style and tack on "street style" to the end of the search. It works, I swear — after getting my hands on a pair of Stan Smith Adidas sneaks, a quick googling of "Stan Smith street style" gave me some new ways to work 'em.

Or, ya know, just google "Bella Thorne street style" and go from there. Thorne is more understated IRL than she is on the red carpet, but she always manages to find a stylish twist, even as "a minimal to no makeup, jeans, T-shirt and converse type of girl."

Her ultimate insight, though? "I think that the only pressure you are under [to look fashionable] is one that you put on yourself," she says. And it's true. Wear what you like, because the only thing that actually matters is the way you feel about it. Spoken like a true style star, right?

Although Thorne insists she's not old enough to be a fashion icon, saying "I'm still learning and experimenting," I'd say she's well on her way. In fact, she might be there already.