Natural Ways To Banish Your Blackheads

In the quest for perfect skin, figuring out how to treat blackheads (especially in an all-natural way) can be one of the most elusive tasks. Unfortunately, having naturally oily skin makes me quite prone to blackheads, so I've spent my fair share of time poking and prodding at my nose in attempts to drive them away. Staring into the magnifying mirror is probably allowing me to spot things no one else can see — after all, few people actually ever get close enough to my face to see all the tiny black dots on and around my nose. Still, I like to keep a totally healthy face, and those miniscule blemishes just don'tvibe with my whole aesthetic. According to Healthline, blackheads occur on our bodies when a hair follicle clogs (but doesn't have any skin on top). However, just like pimples, they are still filled with dirt and oil, the exposure to air is what makes them black. No thank you.

There is one completely natural remedy for blackheads that we're all familiar with: Squeezing the crap out of them until, well, the crap comes out. We know it's wrong, we know it's gross, but that thrill of accomplishment that you get when the clogged pore finally comes out is irreplaceable. It's like a silent win in the internal war between ourselves and our face.

When you go to war with your face, you better be prepared for the inflammation, irritation, and redness in the aftermath. Squeezing out blackheads may be addicting, but I urge you to resist the urge. After a lifetime of losing battles with my own blackheads, I can confidently say that exfoliating the area can get rid of stubborn blackheads without all the casualties. Unlike the squeezing method, getting into the habit of exfoliating regularly can help prevent blackheads for oil-prone skin and heavy makeup wearers. Many folks with enlarged pores tend to suffer from blackheads throughout their lives and even though there isn't a solid cure for big pores, there are great remedies to help minimize the appearance of pores that can prevent future blackheads.

It doesn't matter why you have blackheads because we can all agree that they are evil and ruin everything. Fortunately, these natural remedies for blackheads agree.

1. Apple Green Clay Mask

A great way to deep clean clogged pores is to use a green clay mask with apple cider vinegar. This will restore pH levels and pull out toxins in your skin. Leave your mask on for five minutes or until it becomes dry and rinse well with warm water.

2. The Honey Pat Down

I haven't used the honey pat down to get rid of blackheads, but honey is so healing and restoring that there is little doubt this pat down method from Crunchy Betty can't pull those blackheads sans irritation. On a completely dry face, blot honey to the infected areas and allow your fingers to pull the blackhead out as you pat the honey on each spot. This is essentially a super DIY version of pore cleansing strips that reduces skin inflammation at the same time that it pulls out the gunk.

3. Baking Soda, Lemon, and Bourbon

Put this cocktail on your blackheads and you'll have astringent, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory properties that will help gently exfoliate the blackheads out of your life for good. Use enough lemon juice and bourbon to form a paste with your baking soda and gently — very gently — exfoliate the infected area. This is a great weekly treatment for anyone with blackheads in their life.

Image: Eugenio Marongiu/Fotolia; Lies Thru a Lens/Flickr; Kristin Collins Jackson; Giphy