Snapchat Might've Just Ruined A Few Friendships

by Melanie Schmitz

Some companies just want to watch the world burn. On Monday, the social media pros at Snapchat granted the public a special Snapchat emoji update that might just ruin a few friendships in a very public way — and so far, people have expressed mixed feelings about it. Would the update really help people keep track of their besties and their besties' besties or would it simply act as an sneaky portal through which those relationships could disintegrate?

Business Insider reported Monday that the new emojis were developed to replace the previous "best friends" feature that was trashed back in January (over which many people went postal, according to the Daily Dot). "Starting today, a bunch of emojis will be popping up in your Snapchat friends list," wrote the company in a statement on its Snap Discover feed. "No, they weren't just our favorite ones (shout out to the poop emoji), they actually mean something super important — they break down your whole squad."

The new emojis range from adorably pleasant and heartwarming, to downright shade-worthy, and conveniently identify which of your Snapchat buddies are still in the running for "Friend of the Year," and which ones you should immediately hold an emergency conference with to define the relationship. It's the fastest way to destroy a bond, guaranteed. It even comes with a handy guide, courtesy of the Snapchat pros and Queen Bey herself:

The updated emojis will begin appearing next to contact names on your Snapchat list, showing which ones you chat with the most and which ones have fallen to the Snap wayside (because we all know that side-eyes are the ultimate indicator of a real-life friendship):

TechCrunch reported Monday that the new update could cause real-life problems and could "guilt [users] about not snapping with certain people anymore" — although to be fair, it could just mean that your cubicle-mate makes really hilarious seven-second videos about pigeons and burning toast, and your sister doesn't.

Already, the public has taken to their own social media to express concern and feigned outrage at the emoji-explosion.

The emojis might be making waves, but the company has also rolled out two other new features that might just end up becoming user-favorites. The new low-light camera allows Snapchatters the ability to lighten a photograph that's taken in a dark setting by clicking on a tiny moon icon at the top of the screen. Business Insider also reported an update that would search users' contacts and list friends that "Needs Love" — i.e. friends that you haven't Snapped in a while because they likely ruined your favorite sweater or bailed on your Game of Thrones marathon at the last minute (rude).

Will the new "Friend Emojis" update really ruin relationships or, as TechCrunch wonders, turn the social media app into a competitive game? Only time will tell. Until then, be wary of not Snapping your mom back, lest she notices that you chat with your Aunt Ruth more often. Ouch.

Images: Snapchat, Rosanne Salvatore