5 Things 'Game of Thrones' Could Learn From 'Sesame Street's 'Game of Chairs' — VIDEO

Whoever is in charge of Sesame Street's online extras deserves a medal, heck they deserve a throne. In anticipation of this Sunday's Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones , Sesame Street has released Game of Chairs parody video. We're all ready for more brooding from Jon Snow, more ass-kicking from Daenerys Targaryen, and many more surprises from Arya Stark — thankfully Sesame Street can hold us over for the next five days with their kid-friendly-but-totally-made-for-adults take on the HBO fantasy drama. In the clip, members of the Jesteros elite vie for the chair of power by playing a round of musical chairs. We're also treated to delightful and hilarious puppet versions of Robb Stark (who keeps making jokes about weddings and brutal deaths), a moody Cersei Lannister, a whining and crying King Joffrey, and a so-accurate-it's-eerie Tyrion.

After watching the video, I couldn't help but think there should be a Sesame Street companion for each episode to explain the overly-complicated storylines, allegiances, rivalries, and love triangles that make up Game of Thrones. The massively popular series could use to pick up a thing or two from their royal puppet bretheren. Since Sesame Street is all about learning, here are a few things Season 5 of Game of Thrones can learn from "Game of Chairs." Take a look:

It's Time For A new King OR Queen

C'mon Season 5, it's time for the Mother (or Mommy) of Dragons to take over. At least Jesteros gets it.

Use More Rubber Chickens

This show could use a little comic relief...AM I RIGHT?

Diversify The Thrones

And use objects that are less stabby.

There Are Less Violent Ways To Settle Things

Like musical chairs, for example.

Let The Sidekick Have Their Wins

Hasn't Samwell Tarly suffered enough? If Grover gets to take over, Tarly should get a little something this season.

See the excellent parody here:

Sesame Street on YouTube

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