This Customized Dressshirt Will Be Your New Fave

If you don't have a staple button-down hanging in your closet, fear no more! DRESSHIRT by Marieclaire St. John is taking the classic menswear piece and transforming it into your new fashion BFF. The back of the dresshirt can be embroidered with anything your heart desires — a new and stylish spin on monogrammed items. So many graphic tees lately are featuring words and phrases like "I woke up like this" or "#Flawless" or "Ain't nobody got time for that," and I can see this dresshirt becoming a whole new outlet for our trendy cultural (and sometimes embarrassing?) phrases.

If you're tired of the trite and overdone monograms on any piece of clothing or merchandise you can think of, the dresshirt can be your new go-to trendy statement piece. But is it just me or are these shirts looking utterly similar to sorority spirit jerseys because of the text at the top of the shirt? I'm trying hard to get past the idea of spirit jerseys in my mind, in order to fall in love with what may be the next big trend.

Here's a few reasons why we think the brand DRESSHIRT will probably be all over your Instagram feed soon:

1. An Obvious Reason: It's Customizable

Like we've already harped on, you can embroider your name, a funny saying, a cultural cliché, or an embarrassing nickname on the back of the dresshirt in nine different colors! Good luck not spending your entire evening trying to find the perfect shirt/text color combo on their virtual customizer.

2. It's A Staple "Menswear" Piece Reimagined With Interchangeable Collars

St. John's idea behind the dresshirt came from her love of " menswear on women, " according to an interview with The Cut. But the issue with a typical button-down shirt is how to make it less office-like and more party-like for a day-to-night outfit. St. John worked the solution to that problem into the design of the dresshirt with the option of changing out the collar of the shirt.

"It allows women to continue reinventing their garment over and over again," St. John said. "It simplifies the day-to-night dilemma, allowing the customer to wear a more casual collar to the office, like a simple white Peter Pan collar, with the option of switching to a dressier collar, like the metallic chiffon spread collar, for a night on the town."

I'm all about a two-for-one garment!

3. It Can Literally Be Worn With Anything

A simple button-down like the dresshirt can be worn with anything and everything. With a pencil skirt for an office meeting? Check. Half-tucked into skinny cigarette pants for a fashionable brunch outfit? Check. Paired with jeans, converse, and rolled-up sleeves for a weekend look? Check.

Who else thinks the customized dresshirts will be the next new trendy gift for brides to give to their bridesmaids?

4. They're Made Of 100 Percent Silk

Even though it's a pricey fabric to wear, silk has a more delicate look to it that makes a simple statement piece like the dresshirt something that can be worn for a dressier outfit.

5. It Has An Awesome Hashtag

The shirt is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #mydresshirtmyway so you can be inspired by others who have customized and styled their own dresshirt.

Hopefully we'll see TSwift Instagramming a "Shake it off" dresshirt soon!

The only downside to this awesome brand: the customizable shirts cost $445 (yikes!), probably because of the silk. Let's just all wait until the celebrities have outworn it, then I am sure it will trickle down into a more affordable version, fingers crossed.

Images: Dresshirt/Instagram (2); (4)