Prada's Galleria Bag Stars In New Short Films

Are you familiar with the Prada Galleria bag? You are about to be. This morning Prada debuted three short films directed by Autumn de Wilde for their Galleria bag. This is the first time ever that the Italian fashion house has made a film about this specific product. And in case you didn't know, Autumn de Wilde is a director, photographer, and artist whose background is in music videos (Wilde has made portraits for artists such as Rilo Kiley and Elliot Smith). In other words: these are some killer videos about a killer bag.

The three films titled The Postman, The Makeout, and The Battlefield respectively are centered around a Postman as the main character. This character was inspired by classic film icons like the Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin. Wilde also confessed a love of writing letters and collecting vintage stamps, according to "A postman visits hundreds of lives for 10 seconds at a time when they deliver the mail" Wilde told, "I loved the idea of our hero visiting so many different worlds every day and dreaming up fantastic lives for the people he encounters".

These three short films are just the beginning of the series. Prada and Wilde intended there to be five short films. Autumn de Wilde was so inspired by the beautiful Galleria bag that she actually wrote ten stories. The director and the fashion house narrowed it down to five most cohesive. Together, Wilde and Prada, spoke about wanting the films to really break away from a traditional product commercial. "We agreed it was important to show how glorious it is to own a Prada bag rather than making it seem like a private club you can’t get into" said Wilde.

Miuccia Prada has also been supportive of the arts and great artists like Autumn de Wilde. She definitely trusts Wilde a lot. Prada gave Wilde full creative freedom to create the short film series and the fashion house let her do horrible things to their precious Galleria bags. For the short film titled The Battlefield, Wilde cut an army green Galleria bag in half to depict a child's toy battlefield. Apparently, a young boy stole his mother's bag in the fabulous hue to use it as an army tank.

To watch all three films directed by Autumn de Wilde for Prada's Galleria bag, head over to