Willow Shields Did A 'Hunger Games' Performance On 'Dancing With The Stars' & She's A Clear Champion

Move over adults, I'm calling it now: Willow Shields is going to win Dancing With the Stars. She may only be 14, but she is seriously talented. This week, Willow Shields did a Hunger Games inspired dance, and scored a near perfect 39 out of 40. The intense performance gave us a look at what would have happened if Katniss had never volunteered in her sister's place. Spoiler alert: Prim may not have won, but Willow totally would have.

The young star talked about how getting the call to be on The Hunger Games was the most memorable moment for her, but also terrifying. After all, at just 10, she was one of the youngest actors on set. But just like she flourished in the films, Willow is slaying the adult competition on DWTS—no matter her age. "There's this challenge that you have to overcome people's stereotypes of not being able to perform as well as adults," she lamented.

But after her recent successes on the dance floor, everyone needs to quit talking about how old she is. On Monday night she officially became the highest scorer in the competition, at just one point away from perfection. How does she achieve such success? It's all about attacking the competition. "Once I get out on that floor I am a fighter," Willow said.

Her Hunger Games dance with Mark Ballas was everything a fan of the series would want, and everything a lover of dance would want too. She performed to "Atlas" by Coldplay, which was featured on the Catching Fire soundtrack. The number depicted Willow in the arena, only this time she was triumphant for District 12.

"The Capitol is at your feet," Bruno Tonioli shouted when she finished. "You're now attacking every move with absolute clear sense of purpose." The Hunger Games-themed praise continued with Julianne Hough saying, "You definitely would have made your district proud."

Hough hit the nail on the head. Not only would 12 have been proud, but her fans are too. She's a stunning dancer and she has a real shot at winning not just in the fake arena, but in the real DWTS competition.

Image: Lionsgate