19 Stylishly Ugly Sandals For Prom To Help You Reach Peak '90s Nostalgia During The Big Dance

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One of the most fantastically hilarious things to happen to fashion in recent years is the ugly sandal trend. Some people despise the fact that we're letting everyone get away with clunky soles, thick straps, and cumbersome buckles guaranteed to look horrible in photos a decade from now, but I personally am loving it. Ugly sandals are comfortable, and their hideosity (you know, the trendy kind of hideous) somehow makes them go with everything — including your prom dress.

Sure, heels have always been the norm at prom, but flat shoes (of all kinds) are becoming more widely acceptable as the way to go, even at your most formal events. Flip flops at the dance could feel lazy, but wearing these so-called ugly sandals to prom would make a big ole style statement. If you're down to embrace the fact that comfort is in (and you definitely should), here are 19 metallic, embellished, and all-around cool sandals to shop now.

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