19 Jumpsuits To Wear To Prom Because Who Says You Have To Wear A Dress?

If you're not the type of gal who loves to wear dresses to formal functions, don't worry. Thanks to the fearless ladies of Hollywood, there has never been a better time to rock jumpsuits, rompers, or menswear-inspired one-pieces. And while it might seem like a strange alternative to a dress, it's actually perfect for the important occasion. Rompers for prom are a great substitute for the uncomfortable, constricting, and predictable tulle explosions disguised as gowns. If you want to stand out and make a statement in the right way, choose one of these 19 beautiful jumpsuits for your big night.

Ellie Saab Long-Sleeve Embroidered Lace Jumpsuit

It’s a little on the pricey side, but unlike a prom dress, you can wear this forever.

Ellie Saab Long-Sleeve Embroidered Lace Jumpsuit, $7,100,

Jean Jail Princess Playsuit

This bright, playful look is perfect if you’d rather trade glam for a good time.

Jean Jail Princess Playsuit, $39,

Haute Hippe Deep V Halter Jumpsuit With Wide Leg

This super soft and feminine jumpsuit can be played glam or boho.

Haute Hippie Deep V Halter Jumpsuit With Wide Leg, $446,

Lace & Dot Grace Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is nowhere near boring with a back like this.

Lace & Dot Grace Jumpsuit, $149,

Nasty Gal Side View Palazzo Jumpsuit

Who says jumpsuits can’t be sexy?

Nasty Gal Side View Palazzo Jumpsuit, $88,

Black Halo La Reina Jumpsuit

This super sleek, off-the-shoulder number is sure to show-stop.

Black Halo La Reina Jumpsuit, $525,

Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Steal one of Kendall Jenner’s best looks.

Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $27.90,

Alexis Livia Open-Back Lace Jumpsuit

This lace print can be styled with dramatic earrings and a perfectly messy updo for an unforgettable prom ensemble.

Alexis Livia Open-Back Lace Jumpsuit, $693,

Clover Canyon Swirling Scarf Printed Jersey Jumpsuit

Pair this print with equally bold, colorful heels.

Clover Canyon Swirling Scarf Printed Jersey Jumpsuit, $385,

Alexander McQueen Leopard-Print/Solid Fitted Jumpsuit

Forget what the “rules” say: leopard is super classy. Just ask Khloe Kardashian.

Alexander McQueen Leopard-Print/Solid Fitted Jumpsuit, $2,745,

Noam Hanoch Anabella Lace-Inset Open-Back Jumpsuit

Two-toned looks and cut-outs are great for accentuating curves or creating them.

Noam Hanoch Anabella Lace-Inset Open-Back Jumpsuit, $825,

Marchesa Voyage Joplin Jumpsuit

Flowy curls or a fancy fishtail braid would be perfect for this romantic jumpsuit.

Marchesa Voyage Joplin Jumpsuit, $625,

Giulietta Crystal-Embellished Crepe Halter Jumpsuit

There’s no jewelry needed for this bold jumpsuit.

Giulietta Crystal-Embellished Crepe Halter Jumpsuit, $1,500,

Anna Sui Embroidered Satin Jumpsuit

A sleek pony would really show off this unconventional prom option.

Anna Sui Embroidered Satin Jumpsuit, $458,

Three Floor Elite Jumpsuit

Menswear is showing up everywhere on the red carpet, so it’s about time it showed up at prom, too!

Three Floor Elite Jumpsuit, $272,

Backless Jumpsuit

Royal blue makes this look high-end for a low-end price.

Backless Jumpsuit, $99.00,

Milly Leather-Trimmed Sequined Tulle Jumpsuit

Madonna, Nicki, and Dolly would be proud of you for this one.

Milly Leather-Trimmed Sequined Tulle Jumpsuit, $595,

Lace-Paneled Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

The ’70s are so in, and prom is no exception.

Lace-Paneled Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, $29.90,

Long Colored Jumpsuit

Wide-legged jumpsuits are perfect with sky high heels.

Long Colored Jumpsuit, $99.90,