Klaus Needs To Watch His Back On 'The Originals'

by Christine DiStasio

This would've been one good way to gain Klaus' trust, had Freya come to New Orleans at the beginning of Season 2. But, at this point, I'm not so sure the eldest, long-lost Mikaelson sister really cares about convincing her brother that she's trustworthy. On Monday night's new episode of The Originals , "Exquisite Corpse," Freya killed Esther and vowed to turn her siblings against Klaus. So, has she been evil all along? Or did she really see something in Klaus' mind — after he agreed to trust her and let her channel him — that changed her mind about getting the gang back together?

Here's the thing I'm not really getting about Freya, did she repeat Esther's words back to her out of spite or did she actually mean that she intends to turn her siblings against Klaus? Of course Esther would believe and feed Klaus' insecurities that his family will ultimately choose Freya over him — especially after she saved Rebekah from being overtaken by Eva's spirit during Monday's episode — but why would Freya take that personally? She has to know that Esther is a horrible mother and that Klaus, while he doesn't trust her, wouldn't come up with that on his own. So, what's her deal?

Freya seemed like she meant business when she told Esther her plans to give Klaus the boot from the Mikaelson family, but her motives just don't seem to be there. What could Freya have possibly seen when she had access to Klaus' thoughts that drove her to this point? And if this is really just about what Esther said, why is she going to execute a takedown of Klaus when Dahlia is essentially around the corner and ready to take over New Orleans? Right now, it'd be pretty damn difficult for Freya to steal her siblings away from Klaus, mostly because I don't think any of them really trust her, regardless of what they say.

It's entirely possible, however, that we've been reading Freya wrong all along. I mean, it wouldn't be shocking to me if it turned out that she'd come before Dahlia, to set things up for a master plan. Because, if she's not planning on being focused on her game for Dahlia's arrival, it's obvious that she's not really worried about it. And, considering how awful her childhood allegedly was, you'd think nothing would be more important than getting the right team together to defeat her aunt once and for all. Something isn't right here and it all rests on exactly what goes on in Klaus' mind.

Image: Tina Rowden/The CW