Who Is Holly Sonders, The Latest 'New Girl' Guest Star Of Honor? She Can Swing A Driving Iron With The Best Of 'Em

When it comes to hanging out with the ragtag crew of loft misfits on New Girl, it seems everyone in the sports world is vying for the chance. New Girl is a show that appeals to anyone and everyone — sports lovers included. So it's no surprise that Fox Golf Analyst Holly Sonders is the latest pro sports face to get some screen time on the hit sitcom. Sonders will be playing herself, as Jess makes a predictably adorkable attempt to impress Fawn Moscato at a golf charity tournament.

Sonders' body of work is primarily in the pro golf world, as Sonders got her start on the Golf Channel back in 2011, as reported by Golf.com. Since then, she has also worked as a sideline reporter for the NFL, has been featured in Golf.com's Most Beautiful Women of Golf in 2013 and scored the cover of Golf Digest in 2014. Those who might be tempted to write her off as just a pretty face would be making a massive error in judgment. Before getting her start, the 28-year-old host played golf herself at Michigan State. She knows her stuff, and she's just as good at playing the game as she is at analyzing it.

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Sonders isn't the first sports world personality to appear on Fox's Tuesday sitcom gem, and probably won't be the last. Just last episode it was Houston Texans' defensive end JJ Watt, awkwardly singing his way out of a dicey situation at a funeral with Jess and Coach, and now it's Golf analyst Holly Sonders.

But what else do we know about New Girl's latest guest star?

She's a Good Sport

She's Young At Heart

She Supports Her Fellow Female Athletes

She Loves Her Some RiRi

She Looks Fabulous, Even When She's Windswept

And Most Importantly, She Really Knows Her Stuff

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