Skintimate And 'Pitch Perfect 2' Partner Up

Every mundane, day-in-and-day-out activity is more fun when you sing while doing it. Shaving your legs isn't exactly an exciting endeavor, but Skintimate and Pitch Perfect 2 are making leg shaving fun, thanks to a new video that invites ladies to "rock their legs" and change their perception of caring for the body parts they shave. But what’s more important is the body positive message that is also encased within this campaign.

In the modern era, Glee (R.I.P.!) had several successful seasons on prime time because producer Ryan Murphy understood how singing along could make even high school bearable. It seems Skintimate gets it too. The two-minute, Pitch Perfect-inspired video for the "Ready, Shave, Shine" campaign is adorbs — and there's an Anna Kendrick lookalike, too. Ladies of all shapes and sizes get leggy, leaping about their bathrooms over their leg-shaving excitement. Who knew?!

Behind all the singing and dancing in the clip, Schick and Skintimate are celebrating the steps that women take every day to be confident as they stand on their own two feet. Yes, there is product placement of the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle in the film, but more importantly, the brand has recruited the film's star Brittany Snow to intro the three-step leg care routine that has a noble goal of changing the perception of shaving as hair removal in favor of leg care as a beauty ritual. That's something to sing and dance about.

First, watch the video below.

So. Much. Fun. And this group's name is "Basic Pitches." Are you seal clapping with excitement yet?!

And isn't this actress twinsies with Anna Kendrick? Hello!

Even further, Charlie King, who works for the brand, made a significant point, saying, "Pitch Perfect 2 doesn't just highlight great legs, it showcases the great work that comes when women work together." Yes, yes, and YES!

So, the shaving tools are meant to get women to think of their shaving routines as something that is beautifying and unifying.

The instant criticism of this idea is that some cultures and plenty of women actually prefer to have hair in the armpits, on their legs, or covering the private parts. Lots of women like to keep it, for a variety of reasons, both personal and cultural, instead of removing it.

However, this campaign focuses on the fact you pamper, care for, and ultimately love these areas, moreso than the notion of simply removing hair because of societal pressures.

In the press release, Snow said, "Taking care of my legs is a part of my everyday healthy body regimen."

In the clip, the ladies take leg selfies while singing a mashup of the Ariana Grande x Nicki Minaj x Jessie J jam "Bang Bang" and the Icona Pop x Charli XCX jam "I Love It."

Seriously, don't you want to sing, dance, and shave, treating every part of your beauty regimen as the act of love that it is? Again, how much hair you have is up to your own personal standards and if you opt not to shave, that's more than okay! But I shave daily and this spot already has me rethinking my approach to my routine. It's not just hair removal... it's about self care.

As I said, singing and dancing can change your perception on a lot of things.

Images: Edelman PR (2); YouTube (7)